Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 28

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 28

Why she has 2 hoses I'm not sure...

Not sure why Poyo needs that but it's cute.








One great thing about summer is that all the fruit gets really cheap. Like Moe I love cherries so we buy them ALL THE TIME during the summer. It helps when they don't cost a fortune a bag! Cold soup is quite fun too but I don't consider that a summer meal at all. I'm a weirdo though and like my food lukewarm or cold.


Nomnomnomnom Even Poyo wants some.









Don't think Poyo wants any of that soup.








Super Poyo returns yet again to save some of Moe's fish while it cools off!


Poyo to the fish rescue!








The rest of the episode was about how some people and animals can't stand air conditioning. I understand this because if you are going in and out of these kind of locations it can make your body quite angry. Some people even get summer colds because of this. I think they were trying to get at that with Hide's friend since she wasn't too keen on air conditioning in restaurants or on the bus but they made some strange references to her having her period. Very random which make me question exactly what they were trying to say with her part of the story. Cold doesn't really effect a period that I know of! Not mine at least 😛

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