366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 274/366 Tsuritama

Day 274/366

Tsuritama lets go FISHING!

Perfectly matching in every single way! woooo. Simple but I love em. Even the sweater vests that everyone has to wear seem alright to me... wow!

Overall: Sure!

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 273/366 Shiba Inuko-san

Day 273/366

Shiba Inuko-san dog girl...

Sailor uniform... Worn by a dog girl... Gym uniforms... Worn by a dog girl...

Overall: Nope.

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Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 36

Mmmm is that a Poyo or something else round?!

So last episode it was said that pet owners mistake things that look like their pets for their pets... I view this more for how Moe thinks everything round is Poyo. And if she doesn't think it is Poyo she will be reminded of Poyo. Everyone likes to bring her things that are round to remind her of Poyo too!







Poor Poyo XD

Poyo is a special case in this mistaken pet manner in my opinion because HE'S SO ROUND! And Moe is clearly crazy for the round and her friends and family have obviously pick up on this.

Moe's friends bought her this because she likes everything ROUND!

I like how she eats the nipple part first for some silly reason!








Pause for cute Poyo moment!

Kurobe enters in the last bit of the episode randomly. Kurobe is one of those super flexible mouldable cats! I mean just look at him go to town down there!


Poyo is totally jealous

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 272/366 Sket Dance

Day 272/366

Sket Dance kids helping kids in strange and wacky ways.

Matching girls, matching boys, just the way I like it. Love the red ties and the adorable red bow ties for the girls. Not too fond of the school crest but ehh what can ya do. Switch there wearing the dark green sweater vest somehow pulls this off as not looking terrible. I think it's just his character that can do this though...

Overall: Meh either or.

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 271/366 Kokoro Connect

Day 271/366

Kokoro Connect just a bunch of kids being pestered by some sort of supernatural occurrences.

Girls get a lovely plaid grey skirt and the same blue jackets as the boys. Both genders seem to wear a different shade of tan sweater vest (and an extra dark brown one for the girls) that I'm not too thrilled with but somehow the red ties for the boys and the really super cute light blue bows for the girls make everything ok.

Overall: Like them alright but I'll pass.

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