Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 32

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 32

Poyo has the best "scary" faces!

I dunno what the tone for this episode was. We got a creepy intro and ending of spooky Poyo and a couple in the woods. Then all in between it's happy strange Monk visiting time...










The monk turns out to be afraid of kitties. Even the mighty round cuteness of Poyo can't stop the monk from squealing in fear.

Young monk was such a hooligan!

Got into an accident because of a cat!








The monk explains that he's afraid of cats because when he was young and driving along the road, a cat jumped out in front of him and he ended up in a rice patch almost drowning! Personally I can kinda understand why he'd be afraid of cats after that. But honestly I'd be more afraid of getting back on the bike afterwards. I know after our black ice incident a few years ago I haven't been the same since while in vehicles.  I'm always nervous and my mind wanders into thinking the worst things could happen. I can't imagine being afraid of ice though since that was the cause of the accident!

I just really like this shot of the three of them ^__^

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