Gakkatsu 07

Gakkatsu 07

What the fuck is duckface?

What strange things people start to find cute or attractive trend wise it rather strange. The Japanese are all about these kind of weird things! Then again so is everyone else in the world. Here's a very incomplete list of the awesome anime things I enjoy "trend", "fetish" or just plain anime tropes wise in my anime.

  • Mecha porn
  • Ship porn
  • Tactics porn
  • Anime food porn
  • Characters running or dancing in the ED
  • Magical girls or boys
  • Animal sidekicks that aren't annoying as fuck
  • Big boobed fighting girls... Fighting girls in general especially when they loose clothing and flash their pantsu
  • Big boobed girls... Bonus if I actually like the character
  • Char clones
  • Old anime men... Bonus if they are hot
  • Kimono
  • China girl
  • Yamato Nadeshiko
  • Samurai
  • Japanese/Chinese "paper" umbrellas
  • Yaoi and yuri
  • Ear cleaning
  • Cats
  • Talking animals
  • Shishi-odoshi (bamboo water stick)
  • Anime characters cosplaying
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Snot bubble
  • Military uniforms... Uniforms in general that aren't school ones
  • Ditsy teacher
  • Emotional anime eyes
  • Bishies
  • Ahoge
  • Waking up all bandaged up
  • Idiot crow

Now that's a duckface!

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