Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 38

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 38

Hunting aliens is what Poyo would do in SPACE!

I'd go into SPACE in a heartbeat. Hide asks everyone if they'd ever want to go into SPACE and of course everyone answers yes. I knew these people were totally my kind of people! Never mind all that cat loving stuff, it's all about the SPACE love! Moe wants to bring Poyo to SPACE with her, Father wishes to farm somehow in SPACE, Hide assumes Poyo would love being in SPACE as long as he could hunt things! (I still need to see all those movies...lol...) I mean really, who wouldn't want to go into SPACE?! Sure there's that fear of the unknown and that pesky breathing problem but overall the awesomeness outweighs the cons in my honest opinion.


Drinking would be a pain for cats in SPACE.

So would pooping for cats in SPACE.








Just trying to figure out how to live up there in SPACE is so interesting. Hearing the stories of astronauts that have been in SPACE doing all kinds of amazing things is just so cool! I'm sure a cat in SPACE would learn how to eat and drink without issues after a while but the pooping issue would have to be solved by us humans. But we could always train out cats how to use toilets here on Earth (some cats already do this!) and then train them how to use special SPACE toilets!

That's what I'm wearing when I go into SPACE.

Moe gets a kick out of this and so do I.








Normal Alien.

Alien Cat.

Cat Alien!






You decide which of the above 3 pictures is the scariest...

I like what Moe did to that constellation.

I've always been fond of the stars. I was really big into them when I was a kid that's for sure. Went as far as doing a "science" project on the constellations I could see at my cottage. Right now I love not living in a big city since I can see the stars every night when it's clear out. That is something I always hated when I lived in the city when I was a kid. There's nothing better than looking up and seeing all those tiny little lights millions of miles away sparkling off in the distance. It makes me feel very small yet very happy at the same time looking up at the stars. It brings so many questions to my mind that gives me rather bad anxiety honestly but well... These thoughts are worth it!

That is exactly how I'd look if I woke up to my cat looking like that.

Poyo has a Poyo shaped SPACESHIP and must return home.








Poyo phone Moe.

Farewell alien Poyo.








So Moe had what I'd like to call one of the best dreams ever about her cat. I mean hell if I dreamt that my cat was actually a cat alien, had 6 legs, could talk, and had a kick ass SPACESHIP I'd be so excited and write every detail down right away when I woke up! Sadly I rarely dream about my pets so such a dream has never happened for me. But I do have plenty of other awesome dreams that I do write down and make short stories out of. Poor Moe ended up being quite traumatized with her dream though since Poyo had to tell her that he was indeed going back to SPACE.

I'd probably be a little more excited over a dream like that honestly. Then again she did wake up crying and that's never pleasant!

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