Wooser no Sono Higurashi 04

Wooser no Sono Higurashi 04

Yeah you rock at the hula hoop there Wooser!

We have a random hula hoop at the farm and last year I remember trying to use it. The boyfriend and I laughed for hours running around the farm with that stupid thing... Good times!

Do these girls really need to diet?

Rice for breakfast! Skipping meals is bad!

















The 2 scenes above I completely don't understand. But that's the beauty of Wooser honestly. He does whatever he wants! Same with those silly girls that always seem to be hanging around him... OR IS IT THE OTHER WAY AROUND?! We may never know!

Wooser does blabber on a lot about school uniforms in this episode LOLOL HILARIOUS SINCE YOU KNOW... My stupid uniform project and all... I think we're just seeing the pervy side of Wooser slowly coming out here. Maybe we have more perversions to look forward to! I hope so!

Wooser in da house!

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