Pokemon Workout! An Asshole Samurai and Brock

Pokemon Workout! An Asshole Samurai and Brock

Hello dear workout project from 2 years ago!

Guess that Pokemon Episode 4

Guess that Pokemon Episode 5










~~~Guess that Pokemon answers at the end of this post!~~~

So yeah I've decided to bring this back since I'm SO DETERMINED this time to keep at it... I kept up with the workouts the last time but stopped watching Pokemon at the same time because blogging is hard! (It's even harder now but ehh I'll still try.) Then the holidays struck and things just weren't meant to be. I hope the same thing doesn't happen this time around but well... No promises! Things will probably slow down during the holidays again but as long as I do a post now and then instead of just completely ignoring it I think it will all be ok.

Douche bag samurai.

Episode 4  - Challenge of the Samurai

Don't have much to say about this one except that the little samurai dude was a giant dick to Ash for no particular reason at all. He has this stupid goal to battle everyone from Pallet Town for some reason and Ash was the last one. He got his ass handed to him by everyone else from Pallet too. Ash doesn't preform as well as the others but they were interrupted by Team Rocket and a huge swarm of Beedrill so I say it doesn't count.

Metapodvs Metapod!

Pikachu and Misty catching some rays as the Metapod face off continues.









Metapod is the huge hero of the episode though. It was captured by a Beedrill and flown away to a nesting tree where it sat in all its lonesome. Metapod was in its rights to be mad at Ash for "abandoning" it but once it saw that Ash went through such trouble to try and save him it suddenly got all better and it transformed into Butterfree! Butterfree then proceeds to save the day by putting all the Beedrill to sleep!

oh shit...

OH shit...








Metapod turns into Butterfree!

And saves the day with its toxic sleepy dust!










I find it amusing that the first boring episode of the series came so soon. But Butterfree did make up for the boring aspect of this episode a little!

An old man selling rocks... LOL!

Episode 5 - Showdown in Pewter City

This episode was TOTALLY made for a Pokemon workout! How exciting!

Ash and Misty find themselves in Pewter City. Here, Ash meets an old man rock seller named Flint randomly at the outskirts of the city. Flint encourages Ash to seek out the local pokemon gym leader, Brock, to challenge him to a pokemon fight so he can earn a badge. The Boulder Badge! Ash being totally lame looses his first battle with Brock. I appreciate the balls Ash has at times but going into a battle so unprepared is just silly! Upset over his loss Flint appears once more to help Ash train Pikachu to have a stronger thunderbolt.

Pokemon gym arena's are so awesome.

Pewter City's Gym Leader Brock.










You need more training Ash! Come with me! Says the creepy old man who has been basically stalking Ash since he entered the city.

The is where the episode turns into a perfect match for a Pokemon workout! Ash ends up running super fast on a water wheel for quite a while. This is so he can charge a generator so Pikachu can get super charged to get a stronger bolt. Ash works really hard at this and so did we on our bikes! THE REWARD WAS WORTH IT!

Bike or run super fast to...











With Pikachu all charged up Ash returns and faces off with Brock once more. Things go a little rough still but luck is on Ash's side when the arena's sprinklers go off. Rock pokemon are weak against water so a bolt from Pikachu finished off Brock's Onix easily. Brock admits defeat but Ash doesn't feel right about his lucky win and leaves. Of course old man Flint who has been stalking Ash all episode confronts him just as he's leaving the city. We then learn (if you haven't already put it together) that Flint is Brock's dead beat dad who left Brock with the family to go and fulfill his dream of being a pokemon master, which he fails at and feels so much shame that it is hard for him to return home. There's a lot of those kid siblings that Brock has been dealing with over the years! Where is the mother though?!

Flint sees just what an amazing leader Brock has become and tells him to go on his own journey to become even greater. He'll stay home with the kids this time. Brock of course leaps at this chance and starts going down a list of his siblings likes and dislikes. Flint may just regret coming back home after all! He is doing the right thing though.

And so a new person joins in on Ash's own adventure to become a pokemon master!

Haha! Geodude is awesome to lift weights around!

Overall Thoughts: It's good to be back doing this again. Here's to hoping for more "regularish" postings! Screaming METAPOD METAPOD at the bf during the samurai episode was very VERY fun for some reason.

Boyfriends Overall Thoughts: Well... I still don't know why we are watching Pokemon...

~~~Guess that Pokemon answers~~~



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