Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 42

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 42

Choosing a pet is serious business.

Hello Daifuku!








Finding the right pet for you can be a fun challenge sometimes. I never owned a hamster like Hide's classmate Kota and honestly I still don't want to own one. Hamsters are rodents after all and I'm not really a fan of those creatures in the house. My best friend growing up had a hamster. I forget what its name was but it was something stupid and very anime I think XD I didn't like holding it much because the stupid thing would always bite me even when I washed my hands of any smell that could potentially smell tasty to a hamster...

Poyo has injured his foot!

Poor vet... He loves animals but they hate him!








Hamster stuck in packing tape...

LOL! My reaction is the same as Moe's








I'm not sure how a hamster could get wrapped up in so much tape but well I guess it could happen! I remember when we just got our 2nd puppy when I was a kid. I was doing something with our packing tape and put it on the ground for a second. Of course the puppy walks by it and gets his tail stuck on the tape. He proceeded to run all around the living room yipping like he was super scared. It was one of the most hilarious moments ever. He was super glad when I finally got the tape off of his tail that's for sure!

This vet either doesn't charge for random visits that people could totally take care of themselves or he charges so little it's worth it to the person to get him to do it instead of trying to deal with an anxious pet. I personally wouldn't bring my pet to the vet unless I absolutely have to. It causes them way too much stress. Even poor Poyo as strong as he may be hates going to the vet! Moe totally needs to work on her first aid!

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