Not so Secret Santa: The Wallflower

Not so Secret Santa: The Wallflower

First up for my Not so Secret Santa Project turns out to be Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge AKA The Wallflower. A few friends of mine had been begging me to watch this for years and years now but since Caraniel suggested it when I asked, I figured it was about time to get it done. All I gotta say is HOW DARE PEOPLE SUGGEST THIS TO ME! It's like they don't know me or something! Like last year I'll go from "Shittiest" show to "Best" show. You probably already know my feelings on this one with this first bit though...

Here we have a spooky girl, Sunako, who should become more lady like... For some reason. That reason is because of her aunt who is sending her to one of her giant houses that is occupied by a bunch of pretty boys that will try and make Sunako into a proper lady. These four very typical pretty boys; Yukinojou, Takenaga, Ranmaru, and Kyouhei will have their work cut out for them if they want to keep living in the house free of charge. (lol because changing how someone acts has a price!)

Kinda sounds "ok" right? RIGHT? I wasn't so sure... I was right...

Like almost all typical shoujo it is about school, drama, love, and comedy. This show did none of these elements in a way that captured any interest for me. Sure they were in school randomly a bit. Sure there was some I wanna hump you moments with shock and PLENTY of nose bleeds. Sure there was a boat load of stuff that was SUPPOSE to make you laugh and or cry... The comedy in this show was probably the most irritating thing for me. I will admit that the random "The Road to Womanhood" shorts inserted into the episodes, which are meant to teach Sunako how to become more ladylike, were probably the best part of the show for me. Only because they were so blatantly absurd and rather sexist at times. Who doesn't like to laugh at stupid things like that! HAHA...

At least a dinosaur showed up.

Now I'm generally not one to get bothered by how something looks but holy smokes does this show ever look like shit. Sunako constantly switching between a "beautiful" girl and a butt ugly chibi was just too much. I hate how shoujo shows think that chibi mode is cute... (stares at every shoujo manga ever) But Sunako wasn't the worst of the show nooooo. It was the 4 boys... Sure are suppose to look like handsome boy love manga bishies  but it turned out to be something much, much worse. Their ugly lady-boys lips is what pissed me off the most honestly. It looked like they had lip surgeries to make them more plump and thin at the SAME TIME! And of course they had to be wearing lip stick or something to always have them super pink or in yo face red. At least the lanky skinny boy look is tolerable... Sometimes... Clearly I'm not a fan of these character designs at all...

The OP and ED songs pretty much sound the same to me so I of course hated them. I didn't really enjoy any of the music from this show actually. All very forgettable and generic stuff that I wouldn't even remember anyway. I actually watched this show dubbed because I probably wouldn't have gotten through it otherwise... Can't say that the dubbing was good though but I never really expect that to be anyway. The one episode I watched in Japanese didn't really leave any impressions on me voice actor wise.

In the end we didn't really get any resolution to the situation. Everyone was all like "YEAH JUST BE YOURSELF WE LOVE YOU FOR YOU!" Even though you know... that's not what the entire rest of the show was about. Urg just no...

I don't recommend watching this show at all. Even if you are a die hard shoujo fan. Go watch something better... Like... Kimi ni Todoke I guess because that show actually has character growth unlike this terribleness.

How everyone else sees the holidays...

How Sunako sees them...









* Story 2/10
* Animation 3/10
* Sound 3/10
* Characters 2/10
* Overall 3/10

Not so Secret Santa: The Wallflower, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


6 Responses to “Not so Secret Santa: The Wallflower”
  1. SStefania says:

    I’ve read somewhere that the characters are ugly purposefully, to make fun of all feminine bishies out there.

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  2. Caraniel says:

    Oh dear……I enjoyed how stupid the show was, but I guess that could be grating for others. Then again it’s been years since I watched it!

    Sorry Chi~!

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  3. draggle says:

    Wow, something that Chii didn’t like! But seriously, I tried to watch this too, it sucked. Got to like episode 5 or something. I normally hate shoujo romances but I tried watching it since I heard it was a comedy akin to Ouran high school, but this crap wasn’t funny at all.

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    • chii says:

      lol whattttt. I have a hate list! Of course I hate things 😛

      NONE of the comedy in this show was funny. It tried too hard and that’s where it all went wrong honestly.

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