Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 45

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 45

Sup random horse that is apparently getting fat for fall/winter!

Never look at the scale when a lady is on it... Even if you are related to that lady!

Getting a little more weight for winter is always a thing. It's a strange thing but I guess when our diets change slightly to more hearty foods this is to be expected. Not to mention all the holidays and celebrations that occur... These are more responsible for my weight gain during the winter for sure... Better get back to Pokemon workout!

Hide's classmates lunches.

Hide's lunch is way more awesome than theirs!








Moe makes Hide the best lunches I swear. I can't wait to attempt to make this one myself XD This show has some of the best food art around!


Must cook alllllll of this!








MMmMmMm Potato!

Fish for kitties~








Cooking food over an opened fire is always fun. I've only ever really done it with hot dogs and marshmallows on a stick. I have however had fish cooked up over a fire on a pan. Not quite the same as what Moe is doing above with the sticks for Poyo but it was still really tasty. Now I really want some fish and potatoes...


Fire pits smell lovely. And when you've been sitting around one for a few hours you start to smell lovely too. Moe loves the campfire smell and I gotta say I agree. I wish we had a wood stove at our place because a few people around out place have them and they actually make the outside smelll wonderful. Our cat goes outside and I can always tell when people have their fire's lit because he comes back smelling like a fire. So of course I have to rub my face in his fur sniffing the smell like Moe is doing to Poyo~


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