Wooser no Sono Higurashi 07

Wooser no Sono Higurashi 07

Star Driver reference? Why? LOL! Random but I'm down with that kind of randomness.

Galactic Pretty Animal!

Wooser wants to be a bug so he can be on girls uniforms and not get smacked around... Ok then... I'm sure a lot of other perverts have wishes like this too. You know... So they can get off and not be judged for their perverted side! haha... I didn't really get the lion bath scene but well... LEG FANSERVICE! Whenever I have a bath I seriously stick my leg up like she did and think fanservice... XD

Oh what a Wooser perv...


Wooser has this problem a lot... Cute lion though!








I totally agree with Wooser that sunflowers are creepy motherfuckers. They just stand there. Not sit because they are HUGE! But yes they stand there and look down upon you with their giant petals and millions of eye seeds! Silently judging you... Talking about you to their sunflower buddies and butterfly friends... Never trust either a butterfly or a sunflower!

"Smiling" Sunflowers...

Sunflowers are terrifying!

Run Wooser run!!

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