Ganba Fly High 01

Ganba Fly High 01

Having your eyes set on winning an Olympic gold medal is nothing to sneer at. Lots of people have this dream but very few can actually go out and accomplish it. I really hope our little freshman Shun Fujimaki can achieve his dream.








I find it pretty interesting that of all the sports they could have choose for him to follow his dream for they chose gymnastics. Even with his fellow gymnastic teammates laughing in his face when he first joined not knowing a thing about gymnastics it doesn't stop him from trying his hardest. He makes a fool of himself greatly but keeps on trying because the team needs him! A fellow teammate can't participate in a tournament and Shun is needed to take his place!

Knowing that he was only wanted on the team because of this he is still encouraged by one of the members and this is enough to recharge him and keep him going.

I'll admit this show isn't the greatest visual or sound wise... But it had me laughing to see what Shun will do next. I think this show is going to be pretty fun honestly!

Ganba Fly High 01, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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