Ganba Fly High 02

Ganba Fly High 02

Whole lot of NOPE


We left off from the first episode with Shun about to take on the vault. He seems to be really afraid of it for some reason from his past. It probably hit him in the nuts of something I'm sure. Just as he tries to go over the vault he decides to run away outside and practice alone for a bit. Lucky for him the world class gymnast miss Reiko decides to give him a little encouragement before he has to try and do it in front of the judges. All the males have a huge boner for her so of course when some find out that she's out there helping him mad jealousy occurs.









There certainly seems to be a weird amount of positive and negative energy going Shun's way from different people. I find it quite strange that some of his "team" mates seem to hate him a lot and make fun or flat out discourage him. Especially from the glasses boy who decides to invite Shun to "early" morning practice even though there is no such thing. Although this fake practice is obviously going to help Shun out in the long run because he's too stupid to realize glasses boy is trying to discourage him and thinks he's trying to help instead...

I really hope glasses boy chills out soon because he's super annoying so far...

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