Ganba Fly High 03

Ganba Fly High 03

Having done the 3 leg lifts of hell that glasses has been making Shun do, he now makes up a 4th high above the gym. It is highly dangerous but Shun doesn't know any better and tries to do it. Thankfully Reiko came in and put a stop to that craziness!


Turns out that Shun isn't only bullied by some of his teammates... Plenty of other boys in the school tease and make fun of him too. He goes to glasses of all people to teach him how to do a handstand because that is what this other boy called him out on during the school day. Which in all honesty is a pretty strange thing to call someone out on... I'm starting to think this show is more about Shun being bullied all the time with some pauses here and there actually showing us some gymnastics.

This smart ass bully calls Shun out in front of everyone in his class.

Shun and glasses are actually starting to work together!










The episode ends with a handstand showdown of course. Steaks are high. If the bully wins Shun must quit the gymnastics team! I think slowly we will be backing out of the bulling aspect of the show after this!

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