Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year anime folks!! Year of the goat! Fancy that! I was born in a goat year too!!

Year of the Goat!!

So I'll admit I've kinda been not posting a lot since like this time last year. I have a good excuse for that though....

I got engaged!!

So ya things anime wise have slipped down on my to do list. (there's a lot of things to do for weddings apparently @[email protected]) I feel bad about not doing the 12 Days posts during the holidays and not doing another round of my not so secret santa project too. Generally in my 12 days posts I talk about whatever happened in anime that year and to me anime wise. Meaning conventions! I made it to 2 conventions last year and they were both super awesome.

Anime Boston

At AB the bf mini proposed to me! So we spent a good time celebrating that. No ring at the time but we did go get my finger sized for one!! He surprised me months later with an actual ring to make things official!! <3

The highlight (aside from that special promise) was JAM Project!! They were the whole reason I wanted to attend AB this year since I debated not going. WORTH IT!! We took a lot of photos and some video of their performance but at this time I don't have any of those to post on here. At one point someone put a pineapple on the stage and I honestly thought it was some kind of macross reference. But later on I found out it was one of their favourite fruit that someone asked during their Q&A session. MOTTO MOTTO!! <3

The Attack on Titan english dub premier was darn awesome as well. It didn't make me cringe and it was rather exciting to see some of the VA's on stage after we watched 2 (or3 I can't remember) episodes. It was pretty fun sitting in a room with well over a thousand people watching the same show. Even though Titan cosplay has overwhelmed cons since it came out I still enjoy seeing just how many people are willing to wear the same things XD props to the people that make their own leg gear thingy's too. Those are so awesome when you walk by one. Nothing that I remember really stood out cosplay wise this year so that was kinda sad. But there was some awesome dude that did up his arm all gross like from Akira that was pretty cool to see him now an then walking around.

Every panel I attended was good. I really don't have much to say about panels this year since I didn't manage to get there in time for any of the ones I really wanted to see or I had something else I was doing when they were on. I did manage to get to a strike witches one, a macross one, a few others I can't remember and one that was about anime you probably haven't heard of but should watch. I of course knew of all of them but it was still really fun to sit and listen to what others opinions were on stuff that isn't as popular but still extremely awesome.

Boardgaming room was kick ass as ever. We played one game but ended up leaving early for dinner. But one of our friends helps run the room so we were always hanging around it anyway watching others play games and so on. Dinner that night was cool though since we went to some fancy Italian place and I was honestly too lazy to change out of my moogle costume. No one said a thing at the restaurant but I did keep making this lame ass joke about putting my most fancy dress on for fancy dinner. XD

I wish there was still a dance but our buddy knew of one just around the corner that we went to and had some fun listening to him spin. Saw plenty of con goers at it too which was cool. Pretty sure the main VA from Titan was there too heh

What a blast AB was! Looking forward to next year as always.

Dressed as a Moogle at both cons! (this one taken at AB)


So this was my first time actually going to this con even though it is right in my own backyard. (well 2 hours away but still) But I finally made it. And of course it was mostly due to Nobuo Uematsu being there. He actually preformed a little piano piece which was thrilling. Me and the bf are huge fans of Final Fantasy to we try to make it out to anything that features it. Especially now that I have an adorable moogle costume!! I need to get the bf a cactuar or chocobo one someday. 😛

The press pass situation at Otakuthon was one of the best I had ever experienced. We got a fancy little bag with extra goodies in it and got special seats to all the performances too. It was so awesome being so close to the stage during the Final Fantasy concert. I almost cried. The Otakuthon staff were so pleasant and nice to talk to it was wonderful!! I'd want to go back again just for that experience all over again.

What few panels we did go to we liked alright. It was more fun for us to wonder around the huge venue and see everyone's cosplay and such. I actually got stopped 2 times to have my picture taken haha. The dealers room was pretty fun to wander around in. I found some good deals on some things which was pretty cool. It was hilarious wondering around with one of our friends (who haven't been to an anime con in years) in there since he wanted to look at ALL the fan artists and took every card he could from them that he could find! There was a Bell booth in one of the corners too which was pretty odd to me...

The gamer's room was the most magical thing I have ever seen in quite some time. We ended up buying a game from the dealers room, on recommendation of our friend, and wandered right upstairs to play it. The room was MASSIVE and almost full!! As soon as you walked in there were 3 or 4 tables with BIG versions of games like Settlers of Catan and Takenoko which was just awesome. There was a place in the corner and along the sides that sold games and the rest of the space was tables upon tables. It was a really good place to just chill out and relax while playing a game or 2 before heading back down into the fray!

I hope I can manage to get back to Otakuthon this year but we'll see with the wedding and all.

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