What is Oishii Anime?

Oishii Anime is a site filled with rants, praise and a very unique writing style all about anime, manga, music, and anything else that the anime culture has to offer. This is also affectionately known as chii's corner.

What does Oishii mean?

Oishii is Japanese for Delicious. It is my favourite Japanese word.

Who is that adorable girl on the site header?

That is the awesome official mascot for Oishii Anime! Her name is MoMoKo!

Drawn by: ChillWinterheart

Coloured by: Kina

Who is chii?

chii is chii..... Well that's what I generally always put in a bio but I guess I'll say a bit more about myself here.

Name: Andrea

Birthday: January 16

Location: Canada

Top 100 Anime: Go HERE

Top 100 Hated Anime: Go HERE

I started watching anime at a very young age when I didn't even know what anime was.  Anime like Fables of the Green Forest & Maya the Bee. As I grew older I got watching your standard shows like: Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon. The shows I have to thank for getting me into the more serious side of anime are; Dirty Pair, Dominion Tank Police, Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell (first movie), Macross Plus, and the Patlabor series.

I've come a long way since then in my anime journey and I see this blog as another step to gain and share even more knowledge about my journey in the anime world. I just wish to share my opinions. Right or wrong does not come into my mind. These are just thoughts not to be taken too seriously.

For a better look at what I've watched check out my Anime-Planet profile. I have a MAL account that is filled with all the Hentai I've ever watched (that I can remember anyway) if you happen to be interested in that.

Here's how I Rate my anime. For the most part it goes by how much I enjoyed the show. So basically my gut tells me what to rate stuff!

1 - Worst of the worst
2 - Terrible
3 - Waste of my time
4 - Bad but watchable
5 - Meh
6 - Good
7 - Great but had issues for me
8 - Enjoyed a lot
9 - Missing one thing to make it perfect to me
10 - Perfect

Here is a list of my Milestones.


1000 JULY 2009 - Romance of the Three Kingdoms

2000 FEB   2011 - Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Spiral Labyrinth 

3000 JUNE 2012 - Legend of the Galactic Heroes: A Hundred Billion Stars, A Hundred Billion Lights

4000 2014? - ???


500 APRIL 2013 - Honeymoon Salad

1000 ??? - ???

More to come later..... maybe ^_^"