365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 365/365 President Aria Pokoteng

Day 365/365

President Aria Pokoteng

From the anime Aria, President Aria Pokoteng is an Aqua cat that is the mascot for Aria Company. Cats on Aqua have been bred to be as intelligent as humans, though they cannot speak. Blue eyed cats are considered lucky which is why all companies have them hanging around and give them the title President for their companies.

Why I like him: He was hilarious! I'm in love with this giant ball of fluff that is suppose to be super smart! I love the way it interacted with all the other Presidents and that he was actually in love with one. At first I had no idea he was actually a cat but when I look at him more and more I totally see it. As weird of a kitty he may be he is completely adorable to me.

Why I hate him: I can't hate him. He made an UNWATCHABLE show watchable!

Overall: I don't care what anyone says. The cats are the best thing about Aria. It's just too bad I can't stomach the show enough to watch more seasons. But I honestly don't see that as a huge loss since looking at pictures of dear President is enough for me.


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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 364/365 Anarchy Sisters

Day 364/365

Anarchy Sisters

From the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, the Anarchy Sisters are Panty and Stocking! They are angels who were so bad they were kicked out of heaven to Daten City. There they must kill monsters under the watchful eye of reverend Garterbelt to collect enough Heaven Coins in order to be able to return back to Heaven. Panty is a sex crazed blond and Stocking is a goth girl who loves to eat sweets. Together they fight monsters... When they feel like it...

Why I like them: It's all in their names! Panty turns her panties into guns where Stocking turns her stockings into swords! That is pretty darn awesome if you ask me. I actually enjoyed Panty's sex crazed attitude at times. Generally it was pretty nasty but it was good for a laugh. I love that Stocking carries around a stuffed kitty. Somehow it just makes her one of those adorable goth girls that just dress the part in my mind.

Why I hate them: I understand that they are bad evil foul mouthed angels but holy crap I wasn't expecting to be irritated by their behaviors that much.

Overall: Anarchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Everyone wants to be me! lol at a potential Season 2!

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 363/365 Bonbori and Hozuki

Day 363/365

Bonbori and Hozuki

From the anime Otome Youkai Zakuro, Bonbori and Hozuki are twin half-spirit girls who have fox ears. They are chosen as spirit representatives in the Ministry of Spirit Affairs and are partnered with Hanakiri Ganryu. He ends up being one of the few people that can actually tell them apart. They fight with cherry blossoms and singing to control where the blossoms go.

Why I like them: The are the most ADORABLE twins ever. I seriously can't think of any better ones. I love that they fight by singing and waving a branch of cherry blossoms around! That's like the best way to fight! Their attachment to Hanakiri Ganryu is simply too cute. Their past in the cave was SO touching. I just wanna eat them up honestly!

Why I hate them: IMPOSSIBLE!

Overall: A delightful series that should have been 26 episodes! Picture above by mashiro (bee0hatimitu).

Dawwww Picture by nekomasu

Bonbori, Hanakiri Ganryu and Hozuki

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 362/365 Ruri Goko

Day 362/365

Ruri Goko AKA Kuroneko

From the anime Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, Ruri Goko AKA Kuroneko is an otaku girl who lives near Kirino. They came to know each other through Saori, the leader of the "Anime Girls Unite!" group on the internet. She is often dressed in gothic lolita clothing based on a character from her favorite anime.

Why I like her: Her outfits are adorable. Super scrumptious when she adds cat ears and a tail. I like that she has a pretty powerful opinion on things especially anime and will stand up for it. Claiming to have "dark magic" is hilarious!

Why I hate her: Total bitch at times. But then again my inner bitch would come out if I had to be around Kirino.

Overall: Not a bad show at all but I won't ever watch it again honestly. The brother and sister leads were just too annoying for my tastes. Ruri and everyone else was awesome!

The main cast of the show

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 361/365 Ika Musume

Day 361/365

Ika Musume

From the anime Shinryaku! Ika Musume, Ika Musume is a girl who comes from the sea with plans to invade humanity as punishment for the pollution done to the sea. Since she is a squid girl her hair is like tentacles that she can use at will and she spits up ink. Before she can conquer the world she must work at a restaurant to pay for the damages she caused upon her first arrival to land.

Why I like her: She's fun and energetic. She is pretty clueless about the human world and it shows. Her interactions with people in general was pretty darn funny. I love how she uses her tentacles to serve people at the restaurant. I would certainly question things if I saw that. I loved how she was obsessed with eating shrimp! Shrimp are tasty sea bugs so I understand that love!

Why I hate her: I hate annoying attitudes. She certainly let hers shine out on more than one occasion.

Overall: More fun than I thought it would be geso~

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