365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 360/365 Mamimi Samejima

Day 360/365

Mamimi Samejima

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From the anime FLCL, Mamimi Samejima was Naota's older brother's girlfriend before he moved away. Although ever since he moved away she's been clinging on to Naota. She's a high school student and a few years older then Naota. She likes to take pictures, and she's often seen smoking. She skips school a lot, and seems to avoid going home, instead hanging out under a bridge not far from Naota's house. She also likes to take care of small animals, and give them the nickname "Ta-kun".

Why I like Her: I really like her because she has a very different type of personality. There's no one else out there quite like her. She has a unique outlook on the world. I find it very interesting that she looses touch with what exactly is reality, from a video game or her imagination sometimes. I love how she takes photos all the time, and wants to show them off to people. I also just loved how she was excited that the world was going to end. Not many people would look forward to that. Plus she's one of the few characters that I actually like that smokes. It fits her very much. She may not be the smartest character in the show, but she's cool, weird (in a good way), and a one-of-a-kind. Plus it doesn't hurt that she's very cute!

Why I hate her: I can't hate her!

Overall: FLCL is one of the best coming of age stories ever told, anime or not. It's funny, thoughtful, and exciting. The characters are rich, interesting and just a great set of people. Sometimes it's very deep, other times it's making sex jokes, but it's always Fooly Cooly.

Look at that cute kitty! Nyaa~

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 359/365 Melfina

Day 359/365


From the anime Outlaw Star, Melfina is a bio-android created by Professor Gwen Khan using ancient biotechnology found within the Grave of the Dragon ruins. She navigates the Outlaw Star from within a cylindrical chamber on the bridge. She has no idea what her real purpose in life is and Gene Starwind promises to help her find the answers to her question.

Why I like her: She adds some really fun moments in the show without acting like a total bimbo. Her and Gene developed a very interesting relationship as the series went along. It was really something watching those two interact. I did like that she was needed to control the ship too. I laugh that she had to be naked in a tube to do it but it was still great.

Why I hate her: Nope.

Overall: I feel a little more complete having finally watched this amazing treasure. I loved it.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 358/365 Nono Ichinose

Day 358/365

Nono Ichinose

From the anime Hitohira, Nono Ichinose is the president of the Drama Research Society. She was once part of the Drama Club but when her rivalry with Mirei Sakaki, head of the club, got out of hand she left. Nono has an illness that effects her vocal cords that could lead to her loosing her voice if she uses it too much.

Why I like her: She is strong and stubborn. Even though she has this illness she keeps on going no matter what. She is always there to motivate her friends in either a positive or negative way. The negative way is most hilariously awesome. Her bold attitude when she gets angry is something else for sure. It's amazing seeing a little frail girl get so worked up over something that she has such passion for.

Why I hate her: I HATE characters with convenient plot filling illnesses.

Overall: Anime added to the very small list of other slice of school life series I actually like. I highly recommend this show.

The Drama Research Society

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 357/365 Akagi Shigeru

Day 357/365

Akagi Shigeru

From the anime Akagi, Akagi Shigeru enters the world of Yakuza Mahjong playing at the tender age of 13. He starts off knowing nothing of the game but quickly gets a reputation among the top players. He will do pretty much anything to make a game more exciting for himself.

Why I like him: I love it when people have a quick learning curve for things. Sometimes strategy is really easy to figure out for people. I really enjoyed his pure guts too. Most kids aren't mature enough to contend with adults in this kind of way but he pulled it off.

Why I hate him: Maybe just a little too cocky at times for my taste.

Overall: What an intense anime about Mahjong. I hope more comes out someday.

The evilllll eye

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 356/365 Masaru Hananakajima

Day 356/365

Masaru Hananakajima

From the anime Sexy Commando, Masaru Hananakajima is a quirky new transfer student to Wakame High, he left for 3 months right after he joined and defeated all members of all martial arts clubs in the school. Upon returning he created the Sexy Commando Club based on the "Sexy Commando Guide Book" he found while he was gone on his 3 month "vacation".

Why I like him: He's completely awesome crazy. His crazy logic just works. Oddly enough I like those weird rings he wears on his shoulders that he beat up some aliens in order to keep. His hair stands up on end with them on which is highly amusing to me. I really like the strange names he gives out to his friends and foes.

Why I hate him: How can I hate a man who loves mustaches?!

Overall: If you like over the top weird humour seriously check this out. You will wonder why you keep watching it but it just sucks you in. The 10 minute episodes help getting through it a lot too because it does get a little dry towards the end.

Your guess is as good as mine!

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