chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Mermaid & Memory 1964

Mermaid or in Japanese Ningyo is one of Osamu Tezuka's short experimental movies. Memory also happens to be one of his short movies that was created in the same year. Both are very different but will make you wonder and think hard about what the message was. Mermaid is about a boy who likes to daydream but others don't understand this and extreme measures are taken for his sanity. Memory is about memories!

Positive Points

  • 14 minutes to watch both
  • Will make you think
  • Arty

Negative Points

  • Arty
  • Memory is really weird

Why chii thinks you should watch it

Well seeing little pieces of moving history is always a good thing. Especially two that were done by the Godfather of Anime! More of his shorts are floating around so you should seek those out too! Mermaid has no talking which is pretty standard for shorts of the time yet it does a really good job imagery wise. It impressed me greatly with how it looks. It's actually really stunning. Memory does have talking but it is way more out there thought wise unlike Mermaid. Memory leaps from the thoughts of love, work, and war. Even extending to a time where humans might not even be on the Earth anymore. Wacky stuff awaits by the end of it. TOILETS!!

Yup toilet culture!

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chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon 1963

The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon or in Japanese Wanpaku Ouji no Orochi Taiji is one of the first fully animated coloured movies in Japan. It is about a boy named Susano, who is a God, his mother has just pass away so he is determined to go and find her. His father of course refuses to indulge in this journey. After a long tantrum Susano awakes on the beach to see his mothers spirit. After a heart to heart talk she magically gives him a necklace that will protect him from danger. Susano still wishes to go and see his mother in this very far away land called Heaven that she'll be staying at. She too tries to persuade him not to look for her but Susano of course sets off on a journey to find her after building his very own boat. Many adventures await him!









Positive Points

  • Considered a classic
  • Dubbed
  • Cute story
  • Decent action
  • Feels very Disney








Negative Points

  • Animal sidekicks
  • Feels very Disney
  • Convenient things happen for Susano to succeed








Why chii thinks you should watch it

If you are a fan of movies this is a must see. It not only is one of the first coloured anime, it looks pretty darn great considering it was made in 1963. While the story and action/adventure aspect of the movie is pretty generic it still manages to keep the viewer entertained. At least I was. The music really helped with that as it is amazing. I kinda wish that the rabbit wasn't so annoying that goes with Susano on his journey but I think that was mostly the dub's fault. After all having it just be Susano going on this journey would have been pretty lame. So yeah go and check it out! It is only an hour and a half so it is no longer than an early Disney movie. It isn't the greatest thing ever but it won't be a waste of your time either.








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The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon

Photos - Little Prince and the Eight Headed Dragon

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50 Years of Anime 1963-2013

So back in October I was randomly looking at older anime and I realized that the Astro Boy anime was going to be 50 years old in 2013! Exactly 50 years old on January 1st 2013!!

So I decided I wanted to do a little something on here all year long because of this. So I'm going to go through all 50 years of anime noting important shows, shows I've watched from each year, or just talking about stuff that happened in general in those years. The anime world is huge so there's no way one person can cover EVERYTHING but I'll do my best. Anime isn't the only thing I'll take a look at either. I'll take a look at important people and studios too.

There is another awesome blog solely dedicated to the 50 years of anime that you should totally check out too! It will have lots more information about these 50 years from a lot of different people!

The Golden Ani-Versary of Anime (1963-2013)

50 Years of Televised Win

Follow me throughout 50 years of anime!

Here's how the rest of the post is laid out for posts that will take place on Oishii Anime!

  • The first number is the weeks in the month
  • Followed by the days  in that week
  • Then the year(s) they will cover with a link to the year on Anime-Planet
  • Then there is a list of 'important' anime (or just anime I've actually seen from the year) which I will talk about during that week
  • Anime are separated into 4 groups: SERIES, MOVIE, OVA, and OTHER.  STUDIO and PEOPLE will be randomly inserted
  • Then there is another year link this time to ANIDB for even more information 

NOTE: I am still in progress of inputting the anime titles, people and studios into this post but I wanted to get this schedule up asap!


  1. 1-6 1963 - SERIES: Astro Boy, 8 Man, Gigantor MOVIE: The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon OTHER: Ai - ANIDB
  2. 7-13 1964 & 1965 - OTHER 1964: Ningyo, Memory, Murder, Aos - ANIDB SERIES 1965: Big X, Shounen Ninja Kaze no Fujimaru - ANIDB
  3. 14-20 1966 - ANIDB
  4. 21-27 1967 - ANIDB
  5. 28-31 1968- ANIDB


  1.  1-10 1969 - ANIDB
  2.  11-17 1970 - ANIDB
  3.  18-24 1971 - ANIDB
  4.  25-28 1972 - ANIDB


  1. 1-10 1973 - ANIDB
  2. 11-17 1974 - ANIDB
  3. 18-24 1975 - ANIDB
  4. 25-31 1976 - ANIDB


  1. 1-7 1977 - ANIDB
  2. 8-14 1978 - ANIDB
  3. 15-21 1979 - ANIDB
  4. 22-30 1980- ANIDB


  1. 1-5 1981 - ANIDB
  2. 6-12 1982 - ANIDB
  3. 13-22 1983 - ANIDB
  4. 23-31 1984 - ANIDB


  1. 1-9 1985 - ANIDB
  2. 10- 16 1986 - ANIDB
  3. 17-23 1987 - ANIDB
  4. 24-30 1988 - ANIDB


  1. 1-7 1989 - ANIDB
  2. 8-14 1990 - ANIDB
  3. 15-21 1991 - ANIDB
  4. 22-31 1992 - ANIDB


  1. 1-11 1993 - ANIDB
  2. 12-18 1994 - ANIDB
  3. 19-25 1995 - ANIDB
  4. 26-31 1996 - ANIDB


  1. 1-8 1997 - ANIDB
  2. 9-15 1998 - ANIDB
  3. 16-22 1999 - ANIDB
  4. 23-30 2000 - ANIDB


  1. 1-6 2001 - ANIDB
  2. 7-13 2002 - ANIDB
  3. 14-20 2003 - ANIDB
  4. 21-31 2004 - ANIDB


  1. 1-10 2005 - ANIDB
  2. 11-17 2006 - ANIDB
  3. 18-24 2007 - ANIDB
  4. 25-30 2008 - ANIDB


  1. 1-7 2009 - ANIDB
  2. 8-14 2010 - ANIDB
  3. 15- 21 2011 - ANIDB
  4. 22-28 2012 - ANIDB
  5. 29-31 2013 - ANIDB

Picture by din (raiden)

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