chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Redline

Redline was/is the most anticipated film for fans to sink their teeth into as soon as possible. Especially since it was being produced by MADHOUSE for 7 years, that is definitely enough to ring up a little bit of hype. I'm glad to say Redline doesn't disappoint! If you haven't watched this movie yet I encourage you to do so. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Racers in the distance.

So hyped after the racers flash by!








Positive Points

  • Eye AND ear candy, amazing visuals and a pumping soundtrack
  • Fast paced while racing and keeps you on the edge of your seat
  • Delightful setting where the characters really shine
  • Seriously EYE/EAR CANDY!

"Sweet" JP

"Cherry Boy Hunter" Sonoshee







Sexy cars for sexy racers.

Rare to see the girl in the lead.








Negative Points

  • Might not be your thing if you aren't interested or tolerable about racing
  • The "plot" is very jumbled and hard to figure out what's going on

Looking classy even at gunpoint.

Check out all those legs!







Classy as ever. Nice hat.

Oldman rocks!







Trava makes his appearance

Shinku is as awesomely weird as ever









Why chii thinks you should watch it

If you love characters that push their limits doing what they love this movie is for you. Both JP and Sonoshee have a burning passion for racing and it shows greatly. Sure this movie mostly focuses on racing but in these races ANYTHING goes. So that means lots of dirty tricks are always in the works. We get so many explosions in this movie it's completely awesome. Sometimes you could wonder "Well... They could have done something different here..." Or "I wish this was explained better." But all of that melts away when your eyes take over, shut your brain off and just make you watch. I know my brain was shut off in the first 3 minutes upon starting the film. Thinking too much about what you are hearing and seeing are not needed while watching Redline at all. I do think it is more enjoyed if you sit back and just watch. Do check out Trava - Fist Planet for more adventures in this awesome world that MADHOUSE seems to love to explore.

Angry dude is angry

And the contenders in Redline are








Quirky Redline announcers










This scene was pretty special between these 2

PJ and...

Sonoshee connected by flowers








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chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: One Pound Gospel

With the passing earlier this week of Dezaki Osamu, I figured it would be nice to feature one of his works. One Pound Gospel is a not very well known title but you should watch it because it is fun. I hope you like boxing or can at least appreciate a good story about it.

I like this shot a lot

I like this shot too










Positive Points

  • It's got a nun in it
  • Pretty funny considering it's about boxing
  • The drama that unfolds hits the right spots
  • Will probably make you want to watch more boxing anime to see how great they can be

At least he eats his veggies along with everything else that is...

Pray pray pray










Negative Points

  • If you aren't a fan of boxing you may be bored
  • Visually it's ok but has annoying lighting
  • Might leave you wanting something a little more substantial

Gonna barf?

Sparkle barf!








We see this shot about 4 times in the ova. I really didn't enjoy the coach's character

Maybe he should take more hits to the head instead of his tummy











Why chii thinks you should watch it

Pay tribute to one of the best anime directors of course! With such amazing titles under his belt like Lupin III specials, Ashita no Joe, and my personal favourite Rose of Versailles, how can you not want to check out an awesome one shot ova like One Pound Gospel. It's a fun story about hard work and determination even if the hero has to be pushed all the way through it. The nun was actually a great pairing with a boxer kid that just didn't care about anything. RIP Dezaki Osamu, you'll be missed.

Gotta train harder

Do NOT get a drunk nun pissed









Holy lighting for 2 men punching each other out! lol

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chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Omae Umasou da na Movie

Heart, when he was an egg, was rescued by a plant eater so he grew up as one too. Omae Umasou da na follows Hearts struggle with growing up in a different world than he was meant for.

Oh noes a lost egg

Dinosaurs sure do loose a lot of their eggs







What is it?!

One of us and... something else...









Lovely background scenery in this movie

Positive Points

  • It's about dinosaurs
  • It's about friendship
  • It's about trust and understanding
  • It's about how strange families come to be
  • It's about DINOSAURS!!!!!!

Heart just likes to suck on lizard tails

And eat dinosaur tails








It sure is! The point of Heart's realization.

Negative Points

  • Pffft NONE!

Delicious eats gathered by mommy

Umasou gathers food well too







The baddest, meanest dinosaur of all










Cherries or blood drops? Scary dream!

Why chii thinks you should watch it

Watch the short series first then sink your teeth into this wonderful dinosaur movie. The series is a strange condensed adorable version of the movie and it doesn't flow as well as the movie does so that's why I suggest watching it first. It's also fun to match up where the shorts fit into the movie. Omae Umasou da na will make your heart tingle with joy about how understanding the world can be. Heart is an amazing kick ass dinosaur and he isn't afraid to follow his heart. This movie is basically the Japanese version of The Land Before Time series. Especially movie 2 so it brought back a lot of childhood memories for me. Dinosaurs seriously kick so much ass and there needs to be more stories/anime made about them! GO WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW! Safe to watch with your kids too!


Double dawwwwwww







Old dinosaur king of the strange pineapples

#2 threat to dinosaurs










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chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: King of Thorn

"Medusa" is a mysterious illness which causes the body to petrify shortly after infection has suddenly broken out among the world. King of Thorn follows 160 chosen people who will be frozen until a cure could be found. Time passes and many of them wake up in a terrifying world filled with mysterious huge monsters that want nothing more than to make them dinner. It's time to escape the research center's underground and make it to the surface to see just what the world has become. Survival of the fittest.

One of the first victims of Medusa

Signing in to be frozen








Positive Points

  • Beautiful
  • Action packed
  • Interesting enough story about a pandemic
  • Great characters

When I see this logo it always worries me

Time to decide what to do








Negative Points

  • The end seemed rushed to explain what happened

Entering the freezing process

Time passes and the thorns appear








Why chii thinks you should watch it

If you love action and strange adventure where you aren't quite sure what's going on all the time this movie is for you. The characters are quite lovely as well. I love stories where pandemics have occurred and if you do too this one shall be a great treat to watch. It's not a zombie movie either. The movie is simply beautiful to look at. It was pretty hard for me to look away from it because of how awesome it looked. I'll be checking out the manga as I've heard that it is even better than the movie. (which people always say about manga but ehh)

Killer bat like creatures

Killer scary beasts







Escaped from the bats... now what?

I bet they wish they had shoes








He always ends up her knight in shining armour

She ends up being a mommy figure for the boy








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chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

Who doesn't like an amazing little ova about a robot traveling and living along the quiet countryside? Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou gives you just that! What more do you need in an anime? I love robots and watching this will make you love them too! It's amazing just how realistic a robot can act just like a human doing mundane things!

Who doesn't LOVE nothing days!

Positive Points

  • The pacing and music won't make you fall asleep no sir nope!
  • It shouldn't take you almost a week to complete!
  • It actually has a sequel that gives you even more!
  • All your questions shall be answered in the end!

Seriously won't put you to sleep!

Negative Points

  • It wasn't slow paced enough
  • The robot never flashed her boobs
  • There should have been more scenery shots
  • Would have been nice if it was 50 episodes instead of just 4 because the manga is SO long and there's so much they could have added 🙁

Robots making coffee!

Why chii thinks you should watch it

Just trust me and do it....

Best part ever!

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