366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: 364/366 Chibi Devi



Simple uniforms but pretty cute too. Blue and pale yellow is a weird colour combo but it works. I like the little star on the shirt. Feel sorry for the boys and their plaid blue pants though...

Overall: I'll pass on wearing these... I do however promise to keep blogging this even if no one cares about it! 😛

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Review of 2011 Anime Part 4 ~Fall~

More kiddy shounen shows aired this fall that I didn't watch. Another season of Digimon Xros Wars, Battle Spirits, and Cross Fight B-Daman. I watched the Tamayura OVA when it came out last year and was bored to tears. Decided that it was best to start actually not watching shows I won't like and put Tamayura: Hitotose on my won't watch list. Sengoku Paradise: Kiwami I would have watched if I could find subs of it. Something tells me they won't show up for a long time if ever. I know it's about pretty boys and all but the episodes are 3 minutes long!

Oh pretty bishies!

A lot of falls (still airing) shows might end up with a rating change (the 7-8 ones) but for now this is how they stand. I'm excited to see how much better Gundam Age can get for me. It's been quite fun so far. Bakuman 2 is going strong so far and I'm very happy that we can all look forward to a Bakuman 3 next fall! Ben-To, Persona 4, and Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere were a lot of fun to watch. I'm happy with how they went from me wondering if they would be good to being AMAZING. Persona 4 is continuing on into winter so there's more to look forward to of that.

Picture by mueojisan Top = Zero Bottom = StayNight

Best Show of fall should be Last Exile: Fam but since it's still airing I'm going to award this honour to Fate/Zero. As said before I haven't played any of the games but I did watch Fate/stay night and enjoyed it a lot. So much that I even re-watched it before Zero aired so the bf could experience it. I can't wait for S2! What a mean cliffhanger to leave us with.

Worst Show of fall is of course Mashiro-Iro Symphony. Eroge. Harem. Yeah...

That "cat" thing was alright...

Here's my big list of Best to Worst shows of fall 2011:

  1. Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing (still airing) 10/10
  2. Fate/Zero 10/10
  3. Ben-To 10/10 
  4. Bakuman 2 (still airing) 9/10
  5. Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere 9/10
  6. Hunter x Hunter (still airing) 9/10
  7. Guilty Crown (still airing) 8/10
  8. Kimi to Boku 8/10
  9. Un-Go 8/10
  10. Mirai Nikki (still airing) 8/10
  11. Persona 4 (still airing) 8/10
  12. Chihayafuru (still airing) 8/10
  13. Chibi Devi! (still airing) 8/10
  14. Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (still airing) 7/10
  15. Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle (still airing) 7/10
  16. Working 2 7/10
  17. Squid Girl 2 7/10
  18. gdgd Fairies 6/10
  19. Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi 2 6/10
  20. High Score 5/10
  21. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 5/10
  22. Morita-san wa Mukuchi 2 4/10
  23. Shakugan no Shana 3 (still airing) 4/10
  24. Maken-ki! 4/10
  25. C³ 3/10
  26. Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!! 2/10
  27. Mashiro-Iro Symphony: The Color of Lovers 1/10


Surprise enjoyment: Guilty Crown simply because everyone else in the whole wide world likes to hate on it. How I'm not a hater with the haters is amazing honestly but I like the damn show! Kimi to Boku could have gone either way for me honestly. Something drew me into it though and it may or may not have to do with cats~ Can't wait for more come spring. Chihayafuru is super girly for me but this 'Karuta' game they play keeps me interested. I'm not fond of her or the game but I do like watching them play it.

Surprise fail: Honestly there were no anime that I found bad that I thought weren't going to be already. That just further proves how awesome the fall season of 2011 has been!

Honorable mentions: High Score & Chibi Devi! I'm actually blogging! Un-Go was everything that Shinrei Tantei Yakumo wanted to be. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai I wanted to like very much but deep down I knew it wouldn't be for me. It just drove me crazy with the 3 main characters being very unlikable as well. Phi Brain is the funnest shounen to sit back and enjoy... As long as you like puzzles... It helps when the very awesome tweets by @fathomlessblue are around to be read for it too!

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Chibi Devi! 06

They are starting to look like a young happy family!

Chibi Devi's get their power from whatever suit they happen to be wearing. AWESOME! So when Sawada and Shin went to the daycare party there were 2 other devil babies dressed up in cute outfits. One was was, I assume, a penguin so they breathed ICE and the other...! Was dressed as LUM so it conducted electricity! Mao had on his dragon suit so he was able to do his fire thing that we saw in the first 2 episodes.



















Nothing much happened in the rest of the episode except the principal telling the mothers that when they need help their baby devils will protect them as long as they are wearing an outfit where they can imagine what power they should be using. To demonstrate this he made the babies scared that he was going to harm their mothers and ended up getting shockingly iced many times! I hope that it works for any outfit on any baby. So say Mao was wearing the Lum outfit then his power would change to electricity. I wish I could wear a dragon suit and breath fire! Why oh why wasn't I born as a demon baby?!

Normal Mao.

Fire Mao!

Demon baby superpowers!






If only he would stop getting in the way of the demon babies powers...

The Lum shout out was enough for this episode to be truly awesome. Urusei Yatsura is an alright anime but Lum is just pure love. And of course the potential promise of other babies hanging around more often with their superpower abilities is great. The new discovery of the suit powers is great and I hope to see the babies having more fun with them in future episodes! These suits (if not already) need to be sold for mothers to dress their babies as these adorable little animals. Deep down I kinda wish I could fit into them too, because yes, if I had a dragon suit I'd wear it everyday.

So cute seeing Shin blush~

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Chibi Devi! 05

A teacher at the daycare. She looks pretty evil.

So, little baby Mao's first day at daycare without Sawada around was a pretty boring episode. They showed Sawada dropping Mao off in front where a kind lady took Mao in for her. He started to cry and carry on of course. What baby wants to be separated from his Mama? The kind lady urged Sawada to go ahead to school because it is normal for baby demons to have a fit when they are first dropped off at daycare.

Have a good day Mao...








Sawada goes on with great hesitation. She's really getting into this baby stuff after all and what kind of Mama would she be if she just walks away without a care in the world when she hears her baby crying up a storm. She wanders back once more just to be sure that Mao is ok but finally goes to school. The episode then cuts to her coming to pick him up and it looks like that lady just stood outside with Mao all day. It would have been nice to see him interacting at the daycare but I guess they'll leave that for another episode (6 hopefully).

I stood here all day holding Mao! He cried till he fell asleep!

Mao is very upset with Mama.

Very upset!








Once home Mao is very upset with Sawada still for leaving him alone all day. He starts to pout and be quite rude to poor Sawada. Just when she started to give into despair (she does this a lot...), Shin knocks at the door to see how things are going. If it's only going to be for a month he supposes he could be Mao's Papa like Kyou suggested. Shin magically makes everything better by making Mao jealous that he was laying his head on Sawada's lap. Mao crawls over and quickly pushes Shin's head away from his dear Mama. Super cute.

It's not like I want to help you or anything!

Jealous little Mao?









Come to my welcome to daycare party tomorrow! Lots of other parents will be there! WOOOO!

The principal suddenly appears out of no where and invites them to a welcome party for the next day. All the other parents will be there so that means all the other DEMON BABIES will be there too! I can't wait for episode 6!

Who knew there were other demon parents out there?! Scary...

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Chibi Devi! 04

Follow me I swear I won't touch you...

So the mystery man turns out to be a daycare owner (The Chibi Devi Nursery School to be exact...) that wishes to offer Sawada a place to keep little baby Mao. He explains that Mao is a devil and of course he gets some strange looks from Sawada and Shin. They demand to know more but the dude doesn't really explain anything and just tells Sawada that he'll be taking care of Mao from now on. THANKS RANDOM DUDE I JUST MEET!

This is my Chibi Devi Nursery School!

Yeah, I don't get it either...







Evil scary demons!

Little Mao can't really be a demon, can he?








Sawada thinks about being separated from Mao for a minute, looks a little sad, but realizes that it is the best thing to do for Mao and says goodbye. She of course completely misunderstood the mystery man and he makes it clear that he will only look after little Mao during the day. He explains that whoever finds a demon baby first instantly becomes their parent... I so don't get this but ok...

Oh little Mao, I love you but it's time to say bye bye!

She doesn't understand how she can even take care of a baby and Shin completely agrees. After all she can barely take care of herself... Not to mention she's only... 14!







Thinking about how Mao will become an orphan if she doesn't take care of him convinces her to keep up with it. Baby Mao is really cute of course so how can she say no to his adorable little face. The good thing is that the mystery man can try and find a new parent in the meantime but it will take a whole month. Sawada is still questioning her ability to take care of Mao but if it is only going to be for a month she might be able to manage!

Looks like a bedroom pow wow to me!

Sawada be the Mama, Shin be the Papa!

Terrible idea but it's going to happen anyway.








They return to Sawada's apartment and Kyou greets them. His anime is finished now and he has time to deal with the Mao issue. Or at least listen about it. He jokes that if Sawada is going to be the Mama of Mao that Shin should be the Papa. Shin of course hates this idea and starts his usual screaming and carrying on but before he can really let Kyou have it, Kyou runs off again to watch yet another anime! lol... I would too... Who wants to deal with this baby business when you are a kid?

They are both just like sleeping little angels.

This episode we learn that Sawada doesn't actually have negligent parents that are always at work or off doing whatever. They are in fact DEAD! The thought crossed my mind earlier because she is living on her own after all but it never really sunk in till Kyou said it out loud. I find it weird that Sawada's grandmother allows her to live on her own at such a young age but I guess Sawada not wanting to rely on her relatives outweighs any rational thought. Instead we are stuck with the writer trying to make us feel really sorry for her. Which, I suppose I do a little, but she doesn't HAVE to be alone or having such a hard time trying to take care of herself. After all she does seem to rely on her friend Kyou a lot even if he isn't the brightest star in the sky.

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