Gakkatsu 03

What have aliens come to Earth to do?


And really? How could we be in this huge vast universe! Maybe in our tiny little solar system we are but to think that there's nothing else out there is just silly! Perhaps even here we have company but they are avoiding us thus all these super strange sightings. Maybe they are waiting for the right time before invading us that these students seem to believe could happen. Or maybe we aren't ready for their friendship yet! Who knows what's out there!

This episode brings up an interesting point about transfer students though. Apparently transfer student feel like aliens when they go to a new school. I can see how this is a great comparison because this poor person is entering a potential danger zone where no one will accept them into their circles. We've all been the new kid at some point or another. Weather it being actually transferring in the middle of a school year, going to a brand new school, or maybe moving up a grade without all your friends. Even in adulthood "the new guy" is still around in the working force. I honestly don't have any tips for befriending people quickly in these situations but all I can say is give it time and something has to give!

Honestly, any strange black dot in the sky is considered a UFO to me!

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Gakkatsu 02

Why can't you do it at school?

I can't really speak from a boys point of view on this topic but as a girl personally I would just wait till I got home. There's just something not comfortable about doing your business in a "foreign" toilet surrounded by strangers. Sure I'll use one in public if I ABSOLUTELY have to but otherwise I'll just hold it till I get home.

I spoke to a few people earlier today on this topic and most were either with me or just didn't care. When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Don't wanna sit and poop at school! Nope, nope.

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Gakkatsu 01

I'm going to keep this short.

What is that bump?

THAT bump on our wrists is called "The Chicken Bone" because *I* have named it so many, many years ago. This bump is used to tell anyone around you that you are hungry at that very moment. You do this by grabbing their arm and gnawing away on their "Chicken Bone" until they agree to feed you food. Or you are suppose to keep gnawing away until your food demands are meet!

These students are pretty interesting

The ring leader behind it all!







Anyway this show is cute and will stay cute as long as they discuss more pointless things that I'm interested in.

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