On the Twelfth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve More Awesome Anime Memories

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me,
Twelve More Awesome Anime Memories,
Eleven Poyopoyo Moments,
Ten Delicious Openings & Endings,
Nine Let Downs,
Eight Food Shots,
Seven Pretty Cure Titles,
Six Underrated Shows,
(Twenty)Five Years of Final Fantasy,
Four Video Game Feels,
Three Idol Shows,
Two Amazing Cartoons,
and The Best Boots in All of Anime

What I'm going to do here is just leave a picture. If you don't get it.... Watch the show to find out! Thanks for reading these everyone. It's been super fun. Happy Holidays and all that jazz!



Space Brothers

Fuck yeah tears!

Hyouge Mono

Is he manly now?

Chars Deleted Affair

Oh Char~


Fist Pumps are just awesome!



Sengoku Collection

Sometimes a sandbox means so much more.

Mysterious Girlfriend X

Don't do it, Don't do it, Don't do it... HE DID IT!

Polar Bear Cafe

Never gets old



My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

haha... Ponies on skates!


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Telling A Person Watching THE Anime That the Manga is Better

Everyone has heard this at some point while watching anime. "The manga is way better than the anime!" Some are grateful for this input and I salute them but personally, I find it rather annoying.

(PS: I suck at writing these posts so it's all jumbled up. It's too short I'm sure but this is just my view on the matter)

Books over TV? Scary! picture done by moai

Chances are if the person is watching the anime over manga they either:

  1. Don't care about reading manga.
  2. Didn't know one existed.
  3. Or you know... They just like watching anime!

Personally I fit into number 1 and 3. Manga is expensive for me. Reading it online just gives me a headache and I can't sit still long enough to read more than a one shot or 2. So obviously watching anime is much more preferred in my case. Anime over Manga for me~ I always know manga exist for my favourite series but generally I can't be bothered with them. The only time I'm ever interested in picking up a manga is after I've watched the anime and liked it A LOT or there is no anime of the manga I've gotten interested in. Oh, there's also those "rare" anime that just "end" which I enjoyed a lot and since I'm aware that those have manga which keep on going with the story *looks at Kare Kano, Berserk, and Claymore* I'll want to read those at some point. Those rare cases are the only time I will even give a Manga over Anime person the time of day when it comes to pushing manga.

This book? Way better than your TV! picture by ak0130

So why do people bother telling someone else that the manga is so much better? My answer to this is simple. They liked the series in question a tonne! It just happens to be one of their all time favourites and they just can't imagine anyone hating their favourites! I'm totally ok with people humping their favourites... But... What really ticks me off is when these people suddenly think it's ok to say the manga is sooo much better when you aren't even enjoying the anime. What makes them think if they tell this to someone that they will even want to give the series more of a chance by having to reading it. Does it really deserve that? No. Only if the person was on the fence of LIKE or GREAT could this possibly work. I think it's pretty rare to go to liking something when you were already finding it quite meh.

Reading or watching! I don't care! Just leave me be! picture by uzura yuuno

So yeah I'll always be an Anime over Manga person. I love you Manga over Anime people but you won't ever convert me so give it up! 😛 By the way, magical girl anime will ALWAYS be better than their manga! Why? What's better than watching a transformation sequence? Certainly not reading it! 😀

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Tuesday Tally Months October to November

2 months behind is better than 6! Anyway lots of anime consumed here so I'll get to it.

Picture done by bon

October was a busy month as I really started to get my goals list finished off. I dunno why I wait till the last minute for everything, yes even anime watching apparently, but I got a lot watched. I guess it helped that my wrist was injured during this month and I had nothing better to do than just sit and actually watch anime. Most was rather meh but there were a few that stood out from the rest. I also think this list is a little short because of the wrist too (lol contradiction) but I watched a shit load of hockey during October too and when I'm watching hockey I ONLY watch hockey.

My favourite of the Neo Ranga sisters.











  • Piano - Snore fest to the max. The main characters hair was one of the worst styled hair I've ever seen in all of anime. I wouldn't recommend watching this unless you are a huge fan of the piano or slow paced anime.
  • Narue no Sekai - This ended up kinda like Onegai Teacher in my eyes but instead of the alien being an "adult" she's a teenager. So because of that it was much more boring for me. Kids and aliens falling in love in a school setting... Blehhhh
  • Neo Ranga - Is probably the most fun I had watching an anime this month. It was super campy at first then it turns into something that really made me think of Evangelion. The little sister of the three sisters is the best character of the show easily. Episode 40 onward it gets really awesome and had me hooked to my computer screen till it was over. I also really like short episode series for some reason since these ones were about 10 minutes long.
  • The Big O - Super classy and very batman cartoon like. I dare anyone having watched both to not think that. Dorothy is fucking awesome and definitely my favourite character in the show. The first OP was weird as hell but awesome where the second OP was not so awesome at all. The 2nd part of the series really takes you for a loop. TOMATOES as A Day Without Me put it.
  • Daughter of Twenty Faces - Has a great first half then it sorta goes downhill. Still interesting in the end but not as awesome as the first episodes at all. Episode 6 pretty much murders everyone which was quite shocking to see so early in a series. It was rather awesome actually. I was upset that there was a really crappy filler episode for the final episode of the series.

Always willing to fight.











  • Ninja Scroll TV - WOW is it ever bad. I wasn't expecting a masterpiece like the movie was (in my eyes) but I really had no idea that it would be this bad even though I have heard nothing good from those who have watched it before I did. The main character is the only good thing about it because I think it's impossible not to make him awesome even if everything else around him is complete shit. The music in the show does not fit at all (even though it was awesome music) and was just laughable half the time. It's like someone was like "Hey I like this song! Put it in the show even if it doesn't fit the scene at all!" oi
  • Petite Princess Yucie -Girly and slice of lifey with some really dark undertones that pop up now and then. The meh ending was a let down but I didn't expect them to actually go through with what should have happened even though it comes from Gainax.
  • xxxHolic ALL - Great looking, fun stories, and Yuuko is simply amazing and super pretty. The 2 boys, Watanuki  and Doumeki are clearly VERY tsundere for each other and I'm sure there's plenty of fan art on the internet of them making out. Like Caraniel said to me over twitter I would surely enjoy to have a wardrobe as glamorous as Yuuko's.
  • Requiem From The Darkness - This was an arty, episodic horror show. Very enjoyable if you enjoy that sort of thing.
  • Human Crossing - Urg this was so boring and it doesn't help that it was episodic real human stories. The only thing it has going for it was that it actually had a good last episode where the rest I really didn't enjoy sitting through very much.



  • Ah! My Goddess - Together, Forever - Boring first episode but the 2nd one made up for it because of the girls in swimsuits.
  • One Piece 3D - Fucking awesome~
  • Space Neko Theater - Man do I ever like cats and people who make strange shorts about them. A cat space suit is just awesome!
  • Sorette Dakara ne! - Very shitty and very glad it was only 8 minutes.
  • Aoyama Goushou Tanpenshuu - This was a really fun ova from the creators of Conan. It's like they made this first to work out some kinks that they fixed up when they started production on Conan. The last episode with the voice actors was really cute to watch.
  • Deadman Wonderland - meh
  • Thumbelina - "When you are sick you go and see a doctor, when there's something REALLY wrong you go and see a witch." Damn that's been my issue all along with my health I suppose! There's this blue thing that has hair like Lisa Simpson that scares the crap out of me that was in this too... I wouldn't recommend wasting your time watching this.
  • Oishinbo: Nichibei Kome Sensou - Political RICE!
  • Oishinbo: 2 - Make some food to make people live longer! I really wish the series for these 2 movies was avaliable in English.
  • Lupin Special 1-4 - All were fun but #4 was my favourite because of RASPUTIN!
  • Macross Frontier Movie 2 - Just as awesome as movie 1 maybe even more so. I'll have to watch it again just because I <3 Macross.
  • Detective Conan Movie 15 - Conan is having some fun in the snow. The movie featured some hilarious skateboarding/snowboarding. I like that they made a reference to diamond dust. This is the longest Conan movie to date and was definitely one of the best.
  • xxxHolic Movie - Fun short story. Loved the food and the art was interesting like the rest of the series.

Shitty shoujo manga is shitty

When November rolled around  I started to panic a little again because I was still quite behind on all the titles I wish to have complete before the year is out. I gotta say I did pretty good at finishing off most. I have 2 more titles to watch off that list but I think they'll wait till after the December flurry of posts that are coming up. (More on this in a post scheduled for December 1st) I did however end up reading a lot of manga, One Shots to be exact since I read like 60+ of them. But I also made myself read a longer manga too by the name of Cat Street. I wish I had good things to say about it but I really dislike most shoujo manga and it doesn't help that it was about an actress. I can't relate with someone who acts and complains about being awesome at something and gets paid a lot of money to do it. Fuck that. -.-

<3 Hei

The whole group is just awesome~








  • Darker Than Black ALL - S1 was very good. A tiny bit too episodic for the type of thing it was trying to do but it still worked. I really loved all of the amazing characters. I started watching S2 right after S1 but Scamp was all like NOOO watch the OVA next since it happens before S2. Glad he mentioned that to me so I wasn't as lost with what was happening in S2 after watching the OVA which has great violence, bloodshed, and a very interesting main bad guy. The music for all the shows were awesome. S2 really made the music shine for me. It also made me love Hei more than I already did from S1. (Hei without a mask is the best Hei) He really reminded me of when Sousuke from FMP Second Raid was all depressed  but Hei actually took to the bottle unlike Sousuke. I really didn't like the chick with her twin that was introduced in S2. I found everything about her boring and the end just kinda leaves you wanting more or at least should have take another episode to not rush things to finish up. Her magical girl contract for calling out her gun was also another quite annoying thing about her.
  • Shuffle ALL -SHIT. I will however give one credit to it. In the end he did choose a chick! Not many harem shows do this.
  • Genshiken ALL - HILARIOUS! S2 surprised me with a lot of things I didn't think they would venture into. This show is definitely best watched after one has consumed a lot of anime and engrossed themselves in otaku culture. I think that if I watched this way back in 2004 it would have been lost on me.
  • Kujibiki Unbalance - Unlike Genshiken that was awesome this was oh so terrible. I'm not sure how this even got made honestly but now I know that the Genshiken group was obsessed with a pretty shitty anime. LOL










  • GTO - Onizuka is the most hilarious teacher ever. His students were all annoying little brats though and made it hard to sit through a lot of the episodes where they were front and center. Having seen the OVA of when Onizuka was a young delinquent first made viewing this extra special.
  • Read Or Die - I went into this expecting AWESOME. The first half of the show blew huge chunks and made me hate the 3 sisters right away. From episode 14 onward though things came around and got much better. But because of the sisters I still couldn't stand it very much. It was worth watching but ended up not living up to my expectations I had from the OVA.
  • Ergo Proxy episode 1 - I tried hard to keep going but I keep getting this really bad Witch Hunter Robin feel to it because of the lead chick... I will complete this but it just may take a while longer... The world interests me but if that's all there is to it I don't think I'll have a good overall impression of the series.
  • Maze - I was honestly expecting something not so great but this might not even be watchable for most people. Maze is what happens when you have an idea for a hentai title with a "plot" but can't add in any of the sex. So all you are left with is a shitty plot, characters, and very out of place sexual tension. The OP was good though... but holy shit was that OVA for it ever... something... hello nudity at every turn!
  • Le Chevalier D'Eon - This oddly ended up being nothing like I was expecting it to be. It has a very supernatural feel to it that is very interesting. I hate how slow paced it is though. Even when amazing sword battles are going on and great action it still feels like the show is inching along. I really enjoyed how it ended.
  • Allison & Lillia - Really reminded me of Last Exile but slower and not as awesome plot, animation, and character wise.
  • Neuro - This was a great anime that was full of quirky amazing characters. I really liked the episodic stories aproach but it did have one main plot that they visited often enough so we wouldn't forget about it. I found it to be very much like Ghost Hunt in that it had an awesome male lead with a sucky female that just happens to be with him.

Wouldn't want that on me...

Always after treasure and pantsu!










  • Fafner - Meh it was alright.
  • Tekken - LOL!!!
  • Lupin Special 5-11 - Not much to say here honestly. All the Lupin films after a while start to blend together as one. The only thing that changes is what treasure they are after. I did really like Special 9 (A poison spider tattoo that made them stuck on an island) and 11 (really good action and sexy scenes) though.

Picture done by haruka (maake)

So yeah, that's it! Quite a lot. XD

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Tuesday Tally Week 1 Starto! January 1-10

So honestly upon thinking about this project more I REALLY should have started it when I started my blog. It would have been amazing to been able to have seen my stats from last year but oh well. I can do it for this year though so starting fresh is best here! I started off my year in a house somewhere in the middle of Vermont nothingness. I had a great time and oddly was able to watch 30+ episodes of anime while surrounded by rambunctious friends.



January 1-3

Kuragehime ep 11 END

Overall: It was rather unfulfilling first episode of the year but I still love this series to bits even if the last episode was lackluster. I really hope we see another season of this show someday because I think it was brilliant and really funny. We need some darn closure too! Don't make me go read the darn manga, but oh wait... That's not even finished either!!! It all makes sense now!

Joon-sang and Yu-jin as teenagers

Winter Sonata ALL

Overall: If you love your drama to keep coming over and over again before you can take a deep breath this show is for you. It's a lovely Korean made anime that is beautiful to look at and it'll make you fall in love with all characters. Starts off with the character as children and they GROW up! I love anime that do this so I was taken with Winter Sonata in a heartbeat. 8/10

Heroic Age episodes 1-6

Overall: Great start to this series honestly. I've been craving a great space opera anime for quite sometime now and this certainly wet my lips.

Arakawa episodes 12-13

Overall: Very interesting and fun way to end the series. I'm still not sure what's up with it but I hope we'll see more someday. I love everyone that lives under that bridge!


January 4

Gintama episodes 1-17 (re-watch)

Overall: It's good to finally get around to this wonderful series. I'm starting from scratch again because I'm watching it with my boyfriend and it'll be more fun that way. He's loving it so far and I'm getting more out of it funny wise a second time around for sure.

Heroic Age ep 7-18

Rio: Rainbow Gate episode 1 was watched as well but I'll talk about that more in a Winter Season Start Review post coming up soon.

Stay strong my trannies!


January 5

Gintama episodes 18-28 (re-watch)

Overall: This batch holds some of my most favourite episodes. The tranny episodes were just awesome and the epic meat battle will never get old no matter how many times I watch it.

Kimi ni Todoke episode 00

Overall: Did we really need this kind of episode?

Starry Sky episode 2

I love me some space ships


Heroic Age episodes 19-26 END

Overall: I'm honestly still putting my thoughts together on this one. I'll definitely need a re-watch of it at some point too. I really, really loved it but it's hard to explain why. It has a lot to do with it being a Sci-Fi SPACE show with kick ass "mecha" like creatures. I enjoyed the music and animation a lot and the OP and ED were great. All the characters were liked except for the twins... I don't understand too much why they had to be the comic relief but there they were! Great show and I highly recommend! 9/10

January 6

Gintama episodes 29-36 (re-watch)

Naruto Special

Overall: It was a boring fight. I did enjoy that it was 6 minutes or whatever compared to the 10+ episodes it took in the actual series.

Sweet sweet pew pew power

Gundam 00 Movie Trailblazer Crap

Overall: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhg.... Was a great way to start off my "Snack of the Week" project though!

January 7

Gintama episodes 37-43 (re-watch)


Starry Sky episode 3

Overall: This show is fucking SO ugly.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Special 2

Overall: Kissing guide! lol...

Infinite Stratos, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Yumekui Merry, Gosick episode 1 was watched for all but once again more details will be included in the Winter Season Start Review post coming up soon.


January 8

Gundam Seed episodes 16-19

Overall: It certainly was an emotional few episodes. I'm not liking this sand arc too much but I'm told that it's not all that bad so here's to hoping! Episode 19 at the very end made me a little sad for Sai honestly because everything has just gone to shit for the poor guy. *shakes her fist at Flay*

Gintama episodes 44-51 (re-watch)

Overall: Episode 50 has been one of the best episodes yet. It has about a million different parodies and references in it which was highly amusing. This show just rocks so hard!

Attraction Studio 4°C Short

Overall: This is all about not smoking. As weird as it is, it is also very interesting. Especially since you can actually interact with the show but only 4 times and it just involves clicking where they tell you to and wiggling the mouse back and forth. I highly suggest you check it out if you are a fan of Studio 4°C.

Cardfight!! Vanguard, Freezing, Oniichan Crap, Beelzebub episode 1 was watched for all but once again more details will be included in the Winter Season Start Review post coming up soon.

Brother *click to read*

Finished the Manga Brother

Overall: I didn't like how they kept telling the situation at the beginning of every fucking chapter. That was super annoying because it was rather short being only 2 volumes. I thought that the younger brother looking older than the real older one was just weird. 18-23 years old were the siblings which was a little odd at times. The sex was pretty darn hot though! Only check it out if you aren't afraid of yummy man sex! XD

Oh Vash!

January 9

Gintama episodes 52-54 (re-watch)

Trigun: Badlands Rumble Movie

Overall: Very much <3 I'll gush about it more for this weeks Snack.

January 10

Gintama episodes 55-61

Dragon Crisis, Kore wa Zombie desu ka, Wolverine, Mitsudomoe episode 1 was watched for all but once again more details will be included in the Winter Season Start Review post coming up soon.

Level E episode 1

Overall: I picked a GREAT anime to episodically blog about this winter season.


Episode Count: 138 + 3 Specials + 2 Movies

Manga Count: 1

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On the Fourth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: Four Quirky One Shots

On the Fourth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me,
Four Quirky One Shots,
Three Big Contenders,
Two Amazing Rivals,
and Char Aznable on a Horse

Children Cant Choose Their Parents

Female Fridge No. 1

Yamamoto Mimikaki-Ten

Holy Night (Shintaro KAGO)










This year I started actually reading manga on-line. But I generally limit myself to really short ones known as One Shots. These are one off random stories about anything you can possibly think of. Here's some of the weirder ones I've read throughout this year and easily became favourites due to their quirkiness.

Children Can't Choose Their Parents - You will never look at a chicken the same ever again!

Female Fridge No. 1 - Imagine spying on your crush in one of the strangest ways possible.

Yamamoto Mimikaki-Ten AKA Yamamoto Ear Cleaning Shop - Probably my favourite of the bunch because well... I will admit that I do have a ear cleaning obsession. If you look deeper into it, it's also a tale of growing up.

Holy Night (Shintaro KAGO) - Santa is one messed up dude! This one is NSFW!

I can't wait to read more weird stuff! I'm possibly going to be doing a manga project in the upcoming year.

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