The Most Anime Birthday I’ve Ever Had

So on the 16th of January it was my birthday and I wasn't expecting anything at all to be honest. Really just expected a quiet day alone with anime and my boyfriend. We started out by watching Naruto for about 6 hours. LOL that's right Naruto on my birthday. I don't even overly enjoy the show (don't hate it either) but my boyfriend likes it a lot. I made a post about it here. I haven't been wanting to watch anymore Naruto since then either haha.

I made my character of the day post about my favourite anime character ever, Yang Wen-li. <3 (great picture from ghostlightning's blog) He's super awesome and I hope more people watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I actually plan on re-watching it sometime. Probably not this year though unless I manage to get through more of my other anime goals. Mononoke, Kaiba, My-Hime (plus all relations), Simoun (all enjoyed by me!) and started Naruto is all I've done so far off of that list. I'm going to start watching Nodame Cantabile very soon because of the current airing Finale. I plan on making February Macross month. So expect a lot of Macross posts in the near future.

Anywho back to the birthday. After all that Naruto and blogging I went to sleep. Woke up to someone at the door. It was a friend from Montreal that my boyfriend invited down to celebrate with us which was a super awesome surprise because he brought beer and gifts. 😀 So after bumming around for the day at home we went out to a nice Thai dinner where another friend from the area meet us. She brought a lovely bottle of wine as a gift to me that was literally dressed in jeans. Has a cute pocket and everything.

Wine with Card

After that delicious dinner we returned home to watch some movies and open presents 😀 I went to the computer to check my e-mail and messages only to have all the lights turned off and people started singing  "Happy Birthday" and a cake entered the room. This cake right away made me laugh. I'm a weird gal so I expect weird when it comes to gifts and whatnot. This cake had what looked like a dead clown on the top made of bright icing. LOL

Weird clown cake and me 😛

We moved to the kitchen to slice up that cake and start on gifts. Took some silly pictures of the slicing action as well hehe. First I opened my friend from Montreal's gift. It turned out to be a book. But not just any book. An anime book! More specifically "Manga: The Complete Guide" by Jason Thompson, published at the end of 2007 so it isn't even that much out of date. It's super awesome as well because this book will help me with my manga goal for this year to read more than just one shots. It tells all sorts of information about over 900 different series.

So yummy

Then it was time to open my boyfriends gifts. He had 2 bags of stuff that I wasn't expecting. First bag had some awesome chocolate and random pocky that he actually found at the local grocery store. There was some delicious port in there as well and a hilarious CSI Miami card with Horatio Caine on it (points to the wine bottle picture) and he says something about looks (it was a talking card). Very hilarious. After giggling over the card for a while, I opened the second bag and this is where things got totally awesome.

Delicious dark chocolate pocky

Inside there was a green box. The same green box that comes from a local store around here. In the past I have gotten sheep (I have a sheep figurine collection) from this store in said box, so obviously I was expecting another sheep treasure to add to the sheep masses (there's more where those come from).

Boy was I wrong. Inside there were 9 little Hetalia mini figures :D.  I love this show to bits and was super excited. These are my first figures EVER haha. They came with flattened boxes that my boyfriend took out and showed me right away, along with one bigger box, also flattened. Sure I have anime posters, some manga, and dvd's  but I never ventured into the figure part of my anime obsession because, well, I just don't have that much money kicking around.

He then showed me another little bag that was filled with more little figures. They are all Final Fantasy characters that he said came with the deal he found wherever he got them. Now FF isn't exactly anime but having little figures of these characters is just as awesome as anime because FF is awesome. They also came with an awesome engrish message that had a little sun magnet attached to it made out of wood. Very random lol.

lol (click to read)

So now I have all these little Hetalia guys staring at me surrounding my computer screen. We put the FF characters downstairs in the studio where a lot of other strange oddities surround them. This was the most anime oriented birthday for me ever. Generally it's only me getting anime goodies for myself but I think that more and more of my friends are starting to understand my small little fandom world of anime.

After this wonderful day I managed to catch a terrible cold that knocked me out for a whole week which is why all you saw was character posts last week. I feel kinda bad about that as it is so early on in blogging journey but well... these things happen. At least I was conscious enough to do my characters. I'm feeling "better" now and back to doing what I love. Writing, chatting, and watching lots of anime. 🙂

They drink too!

(P.S. I know I suck at taking pictures :P)

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Manga I own

I'm not huge on the manga reading unless I have it in book form. Only the past year I have actually started to read manga on-line and even then I've only read one shots as they are quick reads and I hate sitting here at the computer looking at a white screen trying to read. It takes me forever and nothing really feels right because having a book that you hold and own just feels better!

All are complete unless otherwise stated.

  • Chobits
  • Real Bout High School
  • X/1999 (1-17)
  • Wish
  • Strawberry Marshmallow
  • Demon Diary
  • Tokyo Babylon (1-6)
  • Battle Angel Alita: Last Order (1-3)
  • Confidential Confessions
  • Confidential Confessions: Deai
  • Tokyo Mew Mew
  • Soul to Seoul (1-3)
  • Kare Kano (1) 🙁
  • Sensual Phrase (1)
  • The One I Love (One Shot)

I hope to get the rest of the volumes I am missing someday. Except Sensual Phrase... that was a free manga they gave me one day at The Comic Book Shoppe in Ottawa... and who can say no thanks to free? 😛

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