Nyanpire 10

*cough* *wheeze* *cough*

Water will fix this! Good thinking Chachamaru.







Could...? Could Nyanpire be DYING?!

Nyanpire seems to have something stuck in his throat making his cute little voice all raspy and old man sounding. Which I personally find super awesome and adorable. He seems so ill that he doesn't want to go on a picnic with Masumunya who brought strawberries and all kinds of Nyanpire favourites. Masumunya starts to think that Nyanpire is really REALLY sick and just might end up DYING!

Wow look at all that stuff!

So what's a love stricken kitty to do other than go out and buy all the best medicine and remedies his credit will allow him to get. He urges Nyanpire to use any and ALL for the better of his health. Nyanpire wonders why at first but the promise of living a long healthy life makes him try out several products.

Green sludge mmmm.

Hot, hot, HOT!!!

Now that's pill popping!






Fight through it Nyanpire! YOU SHALL LIVE!!!

After a while Nyantenshi shows up with the feeling that "stupid" seems to be taking place. Oh how right he is! He asks what's happening and Nyanpire explains... I love that Nyantenshi always seems to have some food with him lately. He's totally my favourite Nyankitty after all these episodes.

I'll be healthy forever! He's totally starting to really get into this.

Hey guys... You know Nyanpire is a VAMPIRE right?








Troll cat strikes again!

I'm glad Nyantenshi points out what I was thinking ALL episode! Trying to be healthy is fine and dandy but when people start taking things to this level, I think they do more harm than good in the end.

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Nyanpire 09

Go get ma food Nyanpire!

Misaki tasks little Nyanpire to go shopping. Cause... She clearly trusts a cat to actually go and get her food... Nyanpire will have none of this of course. He lazes about the house until Chachamaru takes things into his own little paws. He shall do the shopping all on his own!

I'll do it later!








Chachamaru out on his own to do the shopping.

Nyanpire clearly still in the house goofing off.








The others spot Chachamaru on his way to do the shopping so they go and check up on Nyanpire to make him feel bad for making Chachamaru do all the work. Mostly the 2 bats and Nyantenshi cause mischief spewing their fun little lies that clearly just to upset Nyanpire enough to want to go out and find Chachamaru and actually help him with the shopping. After all Nyanpire is Chachamaru's older brother and he can't possibly be able to do anything properly without him!

Nyanpire WILL HELP!!!

Chachamaru appears with the shopping!

Can't help but to giggle at poor little Nyanpire.








Overall it was a boring episode but it was fun to see the entire cast being silly together. I wanna see more Masumunya trying to get Nyanpire to kiss him or something. Kitty yaoi is where it's at! I would have actually showed Nyanpire doing the shopping in this episode and totally failing at it. That would have been 10 times cuter than him just running around trying to find Chachamaru. Ah well Nyanpire is still fun!

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Nyanpire 08

Masumunya's sexy yukata

Watermelon jealousy!

Nyanpire WANTS RED






We sit through more plots of Masumunya trying to get Nyanpire to return his affection. The setting is a fun festival where all the little kitties get dressed up in their adorable yukata's. Masumunya thought it would be a great idea if Nyanpire wore the same pattern as his. Unfortunately he is very jealous of Chachamaru's watermelon pattern because of course it has red on it.

I spy an issue!

*drools* CANDY APPLE

Knew it...






 Still flustered to win Nyanpire's heart Masumunya now attempt to please him with a candy apple. Of course he picks the GREEN one instead of the RED one so Nyanpire is still upset. One would think that since Masumunya likes Nyanpire so much that he'd at least know what his favourite colour is. It's not like Nyanpire has ever kept it a huge secret anyway since he blurts it out quite often and will eat ANYTHING red.

Masumunya will be awesome!

Don't hit the Buddha!

Yeah guess what he hit...






Masumunya tries again with a shooting game. He can't possibly loose this time! EVERYTHING up there is red! Sadly he manages to get scared by Nyantenshi and his shot goes off hitting the Buddha... Masumunya can't get a break and everyone leaves him at the stand with his prize. Another cute episode of Nyanpire is completed.

Meow friends always.

Friends and fireworks!








Masumunya wanders off dragging his prize onto a hill. Fireworks start to dance in the sky and he feels sad that no one is with him. Fortunately Nyanpire appears along with everyone else. It's no fun watching fireworks all alone!


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Nyanpire 07

Awwww yeah... Suck on Nyanpire!

Meow Blood Friends!







Episode 7 is actually quite boring so I really don't have much to say. Nyanpire is still looking cute as ever as he gets sucked off by 2 little vampire bats. They woke him up from a dream he was having about the vampire that turned him into a little Meow Blood sucker.

Mr. Vampire and his kitty army!

Meow Blood buddies for life!







They all bond over being blood suckers for the rest of the episode. Komori-kun and Mouri-kun are cute but don't really add anything to the already cuteness that is Nyanpire. They try to be little tricksters like Nyantenshi by telling silly made up stories about the vampire but honestly no one can compare to troll cat!

LOL! Best part of the episode.

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Nyanpire 06

Masumunya just happens to see a wedding

Masumunya just won't give up on making Nyanpire his and his alone! Some silly (actually quite awesome) daydreaming occurs while he just happens to witness a wedding in progress across the street from him. The happy couple are leaving the church and Masumunya wishes he could do the same with Nyanpire. I think Nyanpire in a wedding dress looks quite good honestly.

Could? Would?








Of course Masumunya just happens to run into Nyanpire just as he throws his bag of leeks that he is pretending to be a wedding bouquet. Nyanpire is not pleased with the leek bag striking his poor little head but he's got bigger issues that he wants to talk out. Ever since Misaki brought the new kitten Chachamaru home it seems that Nyanpire is in the kitty house all the time. He gets yelled at, blamed for everything, and ignored for Chachamaru instead! How terrible!

Leek bag is not a wedding bouquet!

Nyanpire has issues & Masumunya listens carefully.










Masumunya of course gets to do a little more daydreaming that might just end up with a wedding between Nyanpire and he in the end! If they live together Nyanpire will for sure fall in love with Masumunya right?! I mean if Masumunya does everything that Nyanpire desires nothing could go wrong with this living together plan! Honestly Masumunya should have been in that wedding dress earlier, not Nyanpire!

If you wanted... You could live with ME!

Well? *blush*








Nyanpire hears Misaki calling him for dinner in the distance. Tonight she'll make a lovely dish served with LOTS of ketchup. Nyanpire completely ignores Masumunya and jumps into Misaki's arms to be carried home. But really, was Nyanpire ever really listening to Masumunya in the first place?! XD

Food wins out in the end

Poor Masumunya!

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