Pokemon Workout! Clefairy! Clefairy! Clefairy!

Just one episode this time.

Guess that Pokemon Episode 6

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Man keeping up with this during the holidays is hard... I might not do another post of this till January in this case... Although I think catching up with Poyopoyo and Wooser is a little more important than Pokemon at the moment... Not to mention a new Cooking With Oishii Anime post themed for the winter holidays~

HELP THAT SCIENTIST! (I can tell he's one because of the coat!)

Episode 6 - Clefairy and the Moon Stone

Seymour the Scientist (LOL) is getting attacked by some Zubat! Ash, Brock, and Misty rescue him and he explains that all the Pokemon around this cave area have been acting up because someone has placed lights all throughout the cave. This apparently is driving these Pokemon mad. I'd be kinda mad too if someone flashed some bright lights in my nice dark cave! I personally care that these poor Pokemon are suffering but I still can't get over the fact that his name is Seymour! Seymour the Scientist! Who introduces themselves like that?! XD

Seymour the Scientist... Just too funny!

Caves shouldn't have light like this.









Awesome Team Rocket intro pose I must say!

So of course Team Rocket and Meowth are behind the caves lighting issues. They too, like Seymour, are looking for a Moon Stone that seems to have something to do with all the Clefairy in this cave. Each side battle a little and it's no wonder that Ash and Friends win out over Team Rocket. Pikachu and a Clefairy have another "romantic" Pokemon conversation which leads everyone to an actual Moon Stone! Brock pulls out some of his Pokemon food that he's apparently been developing for quite a while. It is a huge hit with the Pokemon but when (for some reason) Ash wishes to try some he gets a pretty ick look on his face. Well duh honestly. I'm sure Pokemon food tastes like dog or cat food to us!

Meowth attack!

Misty attack!









I hope Pikachu has these kind of "conversations" with all the Pokemon.

So all these Clefairy have been gathering stones in this cave to help make their Moon Stone whole again. Team Rocket attacks once more but this time the heroes are all the Clefairy using their Metronome power that confuses whoever it is used on into doing random acts. This defeats Team Rocket and they blast away. The Moon Stone seems to have been damaged and explodes into some falling bits of stone that happen to land on some Clefairy. This causes some of them to evolve into Clefable which amazes everyone. Especially Seymour! Then it turns into a dance party! WOOOOO~












Overall Thoughts: Pokemon are from SPACE! It all makes sense now... Seymour.... lol....

Boyfriends Overall Thoughts: Koffing kinda makes me smile...

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Pokemon Workout! An Asshole Samurai and Brock

Hello dear workout project from 2 years ago!

Guess that Pokemon Episode 4

Guess that Pokemon Episode 5










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So yeah I've decided to bring this back since I'm SO DETERMINED this time to keep at it... I kept up with the workouts the last time but stopped watching Pokemon at the same time because blogging is hard! (It's even harder now but ehh I'll still try.) Then the holidays struck and things just weren't meant to be. I hope the same thing doesn't happen this time around but well... No promises! Things will probably slow down during the holidays again but as long as I do a post now and then instead of just completely ignoring it I think it will all be ok.

Douche bag samurai.

Episode 4  - Challenge of the Samurai

Don't have much to say about this one except that the little samurai dude was a giant dick to Ash for no particular reason at all. He has this stupid goal to battle everyone from Pallet Town for some reason and Ash was the last one. He got his ass handed to him by everyone else from Pallet too. Ash doesn't preform as well as the others but they were interrupted by Team Rocket and a huge swarm of Beedrill so I say it doesn't count.

Metapodvs Metapod!

Pikachu and Misty catching some rays as the Metapod face off continues.









Metapod is the huge hero of the episode though. It was captured by a Beedrill and flown away to a nesting tree where it sat in all its lonesome. Metapod was in its rights to be mad at Ash for "abandoning" it but once it saw that Ash went through such trouble to try and save him it suddenly got all better and it transformed into Butterfree! Butterfree then proceeds to save the day by putting all the Beedrill to sleep!

oh shit...

OH shit...








Metapod turns into Butterfree!

And saves the day with its toxic sleepy dust!










I find it amusing that the first boring episode of the series came so soon. But Butterfree did make up for the boring aspect of this episode a little!

An old man selling rocks... LOL!

Episode 5 - Showdown in Pewter City

This episode was TOTALLY made for a Pokemon workout! How exciting!

Ash and Misty find themselves in Pewter City. Here, Ash meets an old man rock seller named Flint randomly at the outskirts of the city. Flint encourages Ash to seek out the local pokemon gym leader, Brock, to challenge him to a pokemon fight so he can earn a badge. The Boulder Badge! Ash being totally lame looses his first battle with Brock. I appreciate the balls Ash has at times but going into a battle so unprepared is just silly! Upset over his loss Flint appears once more to help Ash train Pikachu to have a stronger thunderbolt.

Pokemon gym arena's are so awesome.

Pewter City's Gym Leader Brock.










You need more training Ash! Come with me! Says the creepy old man who has been basically stalking Ash since he entered the city.

The is where the episode turns into a perfect match for a Pokemon workout! Ash ends up running super fast on a water wheel for quite a while. This is so he can charge a generator so Pikachu can get super charged to get a stronger bolt. Ash works really hard at this and so did we on our bikes! THE REWARD WAS WORTH IT!

Bike or run super fast to...











With Pikachu all charged up Ash returns and faces off with Brock once more. Things go a little rough still but luck is on Ash's side when the arena's sprinklers go off. Rock pokemon are weak against water so a bolt from Pikachu finished off Brock's Onix easily. Brock admits defeat but Ash doesn't feel right about his lucky win and leaves. Of course old man Flint who has been stalking Ash all episode confronts him just as he's leaving the city. We then learn (if you haven't already put it together) that Flint is Brock's dead beat dad who left Brock with the family to go and fulfill his dream of being a pokemon master, which he fails at and feels so much shame that it is hard for him to return home. There's a lot of those kid siblings that Brock has been dealing with over the years! Where is the mother though?!

Flint sees just what an amazing leader Brock has become and tells him to go on his own journey to become even greater. He'll stay home with the kids this time. Brock of course leaps at this chance and starts going down a list of his siblings likes and dislikes. Flint may just regret coming back home after all! He is doing the right thing though.

And so a new person joins in on Ash's own adventure to become a pokemon master!

Haha! Geodude is awesome to lift weights around!

Overall Thoughts: It's good to be back doing this again. Here's to hoping for more "regularish" postings! Screaming METAPOD METAPOD at the bf during the samurai episode was very VERY fun for some reason.

Boyfriends Overall Thoughts: Well... I still don't know why we are watching Pokemon...

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Day 2 of Pokemon Workout! Two more in the Group

Guess that Pokemon Episode 3

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Day 2!

There would have been a workout session on the weekend but my boyfriend left for the weekend to go out of town. Since we are doing it together I didn't feel right watching an awesome episode of Pokemon without him! Even though I'm sure he wouldn't have cared. But I insisted that he needed to know if Ash could catch another Pokemon or not!

We decided on only one episode for todays workout since his back is hurting him a little for some reason and well mine is in worse condition since Friday. I think Thursdays workout might have been a little too much. My abs area was sore 2 days after it which I expected but my back pain moved into my leg worse than normal. I do think that the weather highly effected that as well though.

Biking was done for all of the bf's workout while I did just the 10 minutes again. I did some fun ball crunches along with normal ones. Also managed some of those stretches that help relieve my back pain only when I do them. I kind of wish I could be in those positions all the time because I really don't remmeber what it is like to be pain free.

If only he actually had to battle to capture his first Pokemon...

Episode 3 - Ash Catches a Pokémon

Surprise! Ash actually catches a new Pokemon! 2 to be exact actually. Unlike his failure in episode 2. Misty keeps following Ash even though she hates his new bug Pokemon, Caterpie. I can understand how she is afraid of bugs but this is a Pokemon! Not quite the same thing as a normal bug in my opinion. I do suppose a bigger bug equals more fear. I'm not overly afraid of bugs myself but I can relate to being afraid of something small and squirmy *looks at mice and cries*.

Yay another one!

When a Pidgeotto appears Ash sees another chance to capture a new Pokemon but without thinking he sends out poor Caterpie to fight it. I mean really? Logically most people know birds eat bugs! RIGHT?! So why or how he expects Caterpie to win against a Pidgeotto is beyond me. All I can think is poor little Caterpie while I watch him get beaten up till Pikachu finally steps in and shocks that bird. Ash was able to capture it at that point making his Pokemon total a whole 3 now. I'm glad Misty chewed Ash out for trying to get the bird Pokemon with a bug one. What a dumb-ass.

Pokemon chat under the moonlight. Romantic?

Pikachu and Caterpie decide to chat on a tree stump while Ash and Misty sleep through the night. I can only assume Caterpie is upset that he has not evolved as fast as he would like. We see a Butterfree sparkling through the moonlight sky and poor Caterpie gets tear filled eyes. Pokemon have dreams too! While this scene was cute, it was WAY too long. I did laugh when Pikachu actually looked like he was PIKAing to the audience watching like we should help motivate Caterpie or something.

I love the puff of smoke.

I would not want to wake up to them either.









After this small win and a rest, it's time for everyone's favourite Team Rocket to appear. I'm annoyed with their speech already but I do enjoy how their silly moves change around slightly each time while saying it. The background for this one was amusing. Not too sure why it was so dark though. Maybe to show how much "bad guys" they really are! XD

I actually really like this shot of them.

Team Rocket once again tries to capture Pikachu but to everyones surprise Caterpie comes to the rescue, kicks their butts, and ends up evolving at the end of the episode right before Misty was about to accept him. That little Caterpie sure is a determined little bug! Instead of an actual ED this time we got to see the Pokerap! I totally forgot how cheesy it was.. Honestly I did forget that it even existed.


😮 😮









Overall Thoughts: I don't like how much I'm hurting after today's one episode and really want to do more tomorrow but we'll see how I feel in the morning. 😐

Boyfriends Overall Thoughts: "There better not be a 'Pokerap' at the end of all the rest of the episodes."

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Day 1 of Pokemon Workout! Pikachu is a Jerk

So today I actually started! I wanted to yesterday but things got pretty busy and I ended up having no time. I was going to start Tuesday but I had just gotten home from Ottawa on Monday night so I was still feeling under the weather because of the travel involved. Anyway here we are today starting finally!

Guess that Pokemon Episode 1

Guess that Pokemon Episode 2









~~~Guess that Pokemon answers at the end of this post!~~~

Day 1!

We managed... Oh yeah by the way I'm totally making my boyfriend do this with me because well why not. He needs to get fit too! Anyway! We managed to get through 2 episodes. I was rather impressed with myself since I figured I would only be able to do 1 at the most on the first day and that's what I planned for.

I started with 10 minutes on the bike then switched to my stretches and other cardio exercises for 20 minutes. Attempted to get back on the bike for the last 10 minutes but only managed 5 of those. I won't try that again till a little later down the road methinks. My boyfriend did the bike for 30 minutes and then for the last 10 minutes he did weights. We were both pretty tired at the end of those 40 minutes but not crazy out of breath or anything. This tells me we aren't THAT much out of shape which is very encouraging.

Sleepy head

Episode 1 - Pokemon, I Choose You!

Ash Ketchum begins his Pokemon journey, following in the footsteps of his father according to his mother. Ash has wanted to get his first Pokemon for quite some time now and Professor Samuel Oak will be the one to give him his first one. Sadly Ash sleeps in and gets there very late. After running into a rival once Ash arrives at Professor Oak's, he is even more eager to get his Pokemon and get going on his journey to be the best Pokemon master of all. A rough Pokemon is given to Ash after his first 3 choices were already taken by kids that were on time. Pikachu enters and they start their interesting relationship.

No Pokemon left, oh noes!

Cute! They are playing!









I've seen this episode now about 10 times now or something weird and stupid like that. But it has been a really, really long time since I have watched any Pokemon. I still can't believe how cheesy the English version is. The Professor says some silly sayings from time to time but in general has good advice for Ash. Ash's mother is a special lady. She's kind of a fruitcake honestly and has an odd obsession with making sure Ash changes his underwear. Ahhh immature humour. We see the Professor's grandson Gary briefly. He's a stuck up egotistical brat honestly. Then again, I can see why he's like that since his grandfather is a Pokemon expert after all.

Jealous Spearow is mean!

Poor little Pikachu.









Ash and Pikachu wanter off on their new journey and things aren't going so well for Ash since Pikachu doesn't like him one bit. Pikachu is kind of a dick about it all honestly but it is after all a very stubborn Pokemon. I do love Pikachu and all but there's plenty of cuter ones out there that attract me more. The run into some mean Spearow and Pikachu ends up wounded. This is where Ash meet Misty fishing. He quickly takes her bike and rushes off to a Pokemon hospital to help his Pokemon. I think I'll be ok if I actually never watch this episode again. It was really fun this time though watching my boyfriend watch it for the first time ever. That alone was worth it.

Team Rocket appears!

Episode 2 - Pokemon Emergency!

After "borrowing" Misty's bike Ash arrives in Viridian City where he seeks out the Pokemon hospital with the help of Officer Jenny to help Pikachu. Team Rocket's, Jessie, James, and Meowth first appear this episode and attempt to take Pokemon from the hospital in hopes that there will be some rare ones that they can take back to their leader.

Officer Jenny is ditsy but helpful.

Nurse Joy is very sweet and cares for Pokemon a lot.









Ash sits and waits for news about his Pokemon from nurse Joy. He calls his mother to get some encouraging words then receives a phone call from the professor randomly. I found it odd that announcements were made for Team Rocket and that either of them weren't bothered by this. They really are the lamest duo ever. Beloved but oh so very dumb. I'm kind of glad their Pokemon Meowth talks because he does add some sense to what's going on where Jessy and James don't have much of that between the two of them. When they do their famous speach for the first time for Ash he has no clue what is going on and I honestly don't blame him one bit.

Imaginary background...

Kind of looks lame in real life...









Pikachu shows some respect to Ash by saving the day from the bad guys. Misty is impressed and now Ash has a new journey partner. At least till she gets her bike back! Pokemon is REALLY easy to watch while you aren't looking at the screen I've noticed. Sometimes it even makes those small boring parts enjoyable. I think it's only a matter of time before I start singing along to the OP. But I do see myself getting annoyed with Team Rocket's speech very soon...

I think I want Pokeball lights!

Now THAT is a generator! lol









Overall Thoughts: I think this is going to work very well as long as I keep at it and don't give into laziness.

Boyfriends Overall Thoughts: "Why are we watching Pokemon while doing this?"

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Pokemon Workout!

So, I've been planning this exercise thing for a good long time now. It was one of my new years personal goals to accomplish this year but I didn't take it to the level I'm about to (the most I've done is go out for walks) because like always my health is so up and down. I was also doing some pretty wacky stuff with my back earlier on this year medical wise so I didn't really want to interfere with that. Since things have eased lately I've decided to finally start working out.

No more being a Slowpoke

I'm going to start attempting a regular schedule for getting into better shape starting next week. I figure I'll start off with 2 or 3 days a week in the beginning and hopefully I'll be able to start doing more days after a while. Why is this called "Pokemon Workout" you are asking at this point I'm sure. Well the goal is to watch one or 2 episodes of Pokemon while working out. Why not mix what I love watching with actually making me a little more fit? I will be posting after each workout about 1 or 2 Pokemon episodes along with my getting fit thoughts and what I feel my progress is like. I will not be posting any weird videos like this or images of me actually working out. XD I'm going to start off with the very first Pokemon series. I look at this as trying to get back to those younger years.

Don't wanna turn into a Jigglypuff

I've made this little starters list that I'll be following at first. I hope to be adding more "challenges" to this as I progress to see what works and what doesn't.

Workout Plan

"Fun" challenges:

Push ups or curl ups during the opening and ending credits.
Jumping jacks when team rocket appears and they say their catch phrase.
At the halfway point while "guess that Pokemon" is happening speed up whatever doing at the time.

Main exercises during the first half and second half of show:

- Ride bike
- Arm/ leg weight training / planks
- Special stretching that I learned from my physiotherapist to not hurt my back
- Ball exercises

The above main exercises are made for 2 Pokemon episodes in a row. It will most likely just be one at first so I'll pick and choose which I feel like doing. I do hope to get it up to a whole hour at some point but baby steps first for me.

Going to get energetic like Pikachu!

Fitness is always on a person's mind that sits behind a computer. Office workers especially are always looking for ways to keep them from turning chubby. So after being basically stuck doing nothing for about 3+ years now due to my decline in health, I do not wish to turn into a fat blob at all. I'm no where near being overweight but I don't want to get there either. With this I hope to prevent what happens to most of us with little activity and keep the pounds from creeping higher and higher till it's too late. Even though it's never too late to start loosing weight and get back into shape!

I suppose we can call this a tad inspired by Training with Hinako, although I won't need to watch her on the screen each time I do my workouts. I think cute little Pokemon will do the trick nicely for me instead of bouncing boobies. Even the cute Wakey Wakey Exercise that Sumomo does, I think is just a little too annoying for me.

Sometimes I wonder why they haven't started talking to me too...

Also since I've got people here, starting next week I'm going to be doing a series of posts every Tuesday called "Tuesday Tally". Since I watch a lot of anime I thought it would be fun to keep a list around for a while to see just how much I've actually watched in a week going by each day. I'll be keeping a list over on my small blog on AnimePlanet and at the end of each week I will post a bigger one over here with more thoughts and reaction to what I have viewed. Thinking about adding a "Manga Monday" or maybe more suited to me a "Movie Monday". I'm still debating over which project to start for that.

If anyone has any suggestions out there for workout tips, I'm all ears. ^_^ Pokemon Workout here I come!

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