It is a New Year so that Means More Goals!


So last year I kinda skipped out on making a post like this when I did it both years before during my blogging history. I guess it was probably because of my wrist issues that happened late last year. I still have this issue but I'm trying not to let it stop me from posting the posts I want to and doing the things I want to. Kinda like how I view my general health issues... Anyway enough about that boring crappy stuff. That's depressing! Here's some awesome anime goals in list form!


  1. Watch all anime that airs in 2013
  2. Watch all of these shows on my friends list
  3. Try to review as many of these shows as possible on my friends list
  4. Keep up with regular postings in the Snack of the Week series
  5. Start Blogging Toriko again...
  6. 50 Years of anime posts (details to follow in another post but I gave hints here)
  7. Go to Anime Boston and COSPLAY as Popee!
  8. Watch ALL of Fist of the North Star (maybe blog a thing or 2 about it)
  9. Watch ALL of City Hunter
  10. Watch ALL of Kyo Kara Maoh
  11. Watch ALL of Saint Seiya

There is this picture that floats around the internet that has a huge list of anime on it that people should watch before asking someone for suggestions. I've seen a fair amount of them of course except for the following:

  1. Ghost in the Shell
  2. Kaze no Stigma
  3. IGPX
  4. Busou Renkin
  5. Zettai Karen Children

So I plan on watching these titles above for sure so I can say I've seen everything on that chart LOL! How many have you seen?? I randomly started to wonder if there was any other chart lists out there so of course I found this one as well, which is a huge mash-up of the one above but way more detailed. From this mess of chart that has many repeated anime on it, I've not seen the following: (the one with a * is in the list above too)

  1. Fist of the North Star (25 eps in)
  2. Captain Harlock (20 eps in years ago)
  3. Jigoku Shoujo (seen S1 need to see S2-3)
  4. Kanon 2006 (not watching because I suffered through the 2002 version already and I hate KEY)
  5. Ghost in the Shell*
  6. Space Battleship Yamato
  7. Armored Trooper Votoms
  8. Slam Dunk
  9. The Prince of Tennis
  10. Major
  11. Eyeshield 21 (saw the jump special though)
  12. Sola
  13. Basilisk
  14. Starship Operators
  15. Xam'd: Lost Memories
  16. Sketchbook ~full color's~
  17. Saiunkoku Monogatari

I dunno if I'll get around to all of these shows since half of them are huge franchises, but I'll try to get through the single serving shows anyway. (those are the bolded ones) If anyone knows specifically what the Michi show in the "obscure & artsy" section is let me know. I watched a few things by that title but I can't really tell which that picture is from since it is so small... I didn't include Beyond the Train Tracks, and Ghost Messenger above because I've never been able to find them. Been looking since they came into my radar and still nothing. If someone knows where I can find these titles do leave me message! Preferably subbed of course teehehe.

If anyone has suggestions for other possible popular stuff that I haven't already seen just leave a comment!

No goal post would be complete without adding in a few non-anime things. I'm sure no one cares about these but me but here they are anyway!


  1. Keep up with regular postings of Pokemon Workout
  2. Create an "Everything chii Blog" Or something along those lines... For ramblings and video game postings
  3. Figure out more ways to make money working from home
  4. Make some tetris shelves
  5. Bike more
  6. Clean and organize the attic
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Pretty Cure Uniform Week

Title says it all! Yay week of PreCure awesomeness!

Yay for awesome crossovers!

  1. Pretty Cure
  2. Pretty Cure Splash Star
  3. Yes! Pretty Cure 5
  4. Fresh Pretty Cure
  5. Heartcatch Pretty Cure
  6. Suite Pretty Cure
  7. Smile Pretty Cure


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Super Milestone Post 1000 After 3 Years

Yup I'm 3 years old now.

Written 1000 posts... Yeah I know most of my posts are small shitty ones.

Almost reached 2000 comments... Will YOU be the lucky one?

Made it through 300 school uniforms... 66 more to go.

I'm sure there's a few other stats I could tell you but I'm lazy and don't want to do that kind of work. I think it's interesting that all these milestones are happening at pretty much the SAME TIME. So weird... I don't really have much else to say on this matter so I'll use the rest of this post to blabber on about my future ideas on what direction I'll be going towards bloggy wise.

School Uniforms:

Honestly this was a dumb idea... In my mind I had a great plan for this but like most of my ideas when I actually put it out there it sucks. At least the characters one was a hit! But maybe that's cause I was "new" to blogging too... I don't blame anyone for not giving a crap about these posts (except for GLO (who has taken shinmaru's spot being the #1 commenter here) because he's awesome and wants to sex uniforms) because honestly neither do I and it totally shows... I haven't decided if I'm going to keep going with this project after this year is done but we'll jump over that idea when 2014 comes rolling along since I'm taking 2013 off! I wonder what 365 anime things I could look at next time? If there will be a next time!

By the way if there are any school uniforms that I haven't done yet that you'd like to see me "cover" now is the time to tell me! There's only 66 left! If you are a blogger yourself and wish to write a post on a uniform that I haven't done yet do contact me! I'm totally opened to guest posts!

SPACE Poyo makes me so happy~

List of episodic stuff that will keep going "strong":

  • Poyopoyo - I WAS up to date but when I realized I was reaching post #1000 I put it on the back burner again so this post could take the honourable spot. No anime makes me quite as happy as Poyo does for my anime cat needs. POYO FOREVER!
  • Gakkatsu - I like thinking and talking about the strange questions that this show asks for some reason. It is also great that the subber for this show is as slow as I am when it comes to releases! <3 you 8C!
  • Chibi Devi! - In the new year I plan on catching up with this show. I think I'll pick a month and try to do a post a day for it or something... How is it still going...? I like it alright but seriously now why?
  • High Score - So short I have to finish it or I fail some kind of blogging thing I'm sure...
  • Gon - I slacked on this one but I'm determined to give the little dinosaur some love. I'll be doing some manga posts for it too since I have acquired volumes 1-5!
  • Wooser - Random and fun! (kinda hope it only goes on for a season though)


I don't want to make any more silly promises anymore when it comes to Toriko. I DO want to do something more with it blogging wise still but I'm really slow when it comes to keeping up with a 20 minute show blogging episodically apparently. Being so far behind on it doesn't help matters either. I do have a plan in place for some one off Toriko posts but I don't know when I'll get to it yet.

Pokemon! Workout workout workout!

Super fun projects that chii loves to bits:

  • Cooking With Oishii Anime - I plan on picking up the pace for these posts. I wanna get one out at least once a month. I wanted once a week but seriously now it's me we're talking about here. I'll have a yummy soup or 2 for you in the next few weeks and a muffin is planned for next week! Look forward to it!
  • Anime Snack of the Week - This will re-start next year when I'm done those pesky uniform posts. I'll try harder to actually get one out each week too...
  • Pokemon Workout - HOLY SHIT GUYS! After exactly 2 years I'm bringing this back! Post coming next week! SERIOUSLY!

Video Games:

So I've been tossing this idea around for a while since Digibro suggested I start reviewing or talking about them on here or whatever. Video games are another interest of mine so ehhh why not! Especially if a few people will actually take some interest. I for sure plan on covering the following franchises in "chii depth" at some point. I'm totally welcome to suggestions too!

  • Final Fantasy
  • Resident Evil
  • Dark Cloud
  • Zelda
  • Silent Hill
  • Dynasty Warriors and Friends
  • Heroes of Might and Magic
  • Assassin's Creed
  • Mass Effect
  • Lego Games
  • THAT Games
  • Mario Stuff
  • Games that have anime (Valkyria Chronicles, Star Ocean, Devil May Cry, Persona, Ys, Disgaea, Pokemon, Hakuouki, .hack, Tales of... and so on)
  • And of course a bunch of one title games that I don't care to list right now

December Madness:

  • 12 Days of Christmas - Always super fun to write these and read everyone's too! Posts start December 14-25
  • Not so Secret Santa - 7 lucky people were chosen at random yet again this year! Was it you? Reviews posted December 19-25
  • Reverse Thieves Secret Santa - Hopefully I'll get 3 I haven't seen this time. Reviews posted December 23-25
  • Anime-Planet's Secret Santa - Why not have one more anime to watch?! Review posted December 25 MAYBE!
  • 2012 Anime - 4 posts of all anime that aired this year. Posts start December 28-31

Maybe I should do MAL's Secret Santa too but have that person give me a hentai! looooooooool

So umm yeah! Wooo 3 years and here's to still being around and doing stuff. Frequency of posting still may vary since my wrist issue has never really gone away and I don't think it'll ever go fully away at this point. Also since I plan on doing all this awesome stuff the blog might get a makeover sometime soon. Haven't fully decided what will change yet but suggestions are welcome for that too. Do let me know!

Love you guys!~ <3

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Tuesday Tally Sup Fall

Its been a busy summer for me life life wise and anime wise too I guess even though I feel like I barely watched anything even though the list below tells me otherwise... With summer ending things always calm down a lot around here so I start to "focus more" on the blog. I started planning my December posting schedule because that's always a busy month with 12 moments and various secret santa's. I'm looking forward to it a lot this year actually for some reason. Maybe because it actually makes me feel like I'm part of the aniblogsphere all over again or something. Oh shit that reminds me that my 3 year blogavasary is coming up... Anyway I put up a new poll a few weeks ago wondering what anime projects my readers are wanting to see more of. I'm proud to say I'm almost caught up with Poyo episodic postings which I didn't include on the poll because I'm doing that whether people like it or not! I hope to be caught up by the end of next week on them actually. Not that anyone particularly cares about these posts other than me and a select few of my readers, you know who you are <3. Anyway the poll tells me to start doing more Cooking with Oishii Anime posts. Which I'm happy to say I put one out last week and I'm in the progress of doing 2 more very soon so look forward to those.

Picture by the one and only matataku!

I've started thinking about posting more about not so anime things on here too but I'm not so sure if want to do that on this blog or if I should be creating a new chii blog of sorts for all my non anime stuff. Because yes believe it or not I don't spend EVERY waking moment watching anime even though I'm sure most of you would still beg to differ. This idea came to mind when I did that 5 questions and answers thing. People have suggested that maybe I should just get a Tumblr for these things but that feels gross and lazy (even though lazy is rather perfect for me) to me for some reason. I also find that the majority of Tumblr's are a real pain in the ass to navigate and that's why I barely follow anyone on Tumblr. Anyway yeah this is still thinking in progress but I think it'll be great old fun since I have a boatload of ideas and strange shit just floating around in my head already why not make a blog about it! Anywho onto anime because that's what matters on this here bloggy!

She's the only human left on Earth!

He's in a mecha dressed like a knight!











  • Cobra 2010 - I'm sad that I have no more Cobra to look forward to... Such a great series. It's everything I love about super sci-fi adventures.
  • Ergo Proxy - I don't love it, I don't hate it. It lies somewhere in the middle the same way I feel about a few other shows that had a lot of great moments but too many issues for me at the same time. I'll probably never be able to say which side I lean towards with them but somehow I think this is positive.
  • Fairy Musketeers Akazukin - If you liked Princess Tutu but wanted a more girly version of it this is a perfect fit.
  • Kurogane Communication - Hidden treasure even if the ending is a little strange. You should watch it.
  • Zaizen Jotaro - "Da Bomb" ...
  • Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo - I think I'm going to muster up the strength to write a full on review of this show sometime. There is a lot to be said about it's great idea but poor execution.
  • Panzer World Galient - So one morning during the summer after a night of hefty drinking and everyone else around me wandered off to sleep I was left wide awake. So I asked twitter what show I should watch RIGHT THAT INSTANT. They choose this and I gotta say it was one of the best old fantasy mecha anime I'd ever seen. Such great fun! Great OP too XD
  • Android Ana MAICO 2010 - So 90s.
  • Shouwa Monogatari - So glad this finally got subbed all the way through... Now if only Hyouge Mono would get finished up...


  • Fist of the North Star - I finally started this because one of our friends that stayed for a week and a half wanted to watch the movie. But I was like screw that I have something better than that movie and we managed to get through 25 episodes or so always while eating. I still plan on blogging this for sure! I also just got the ps3 video game Ken's Rage too which so far has been a hoot!
  • Lupin III S2 - I feel like I've been watching Lupin forever at this point. And honestly I have... I know it's been about 2 years since I started the series but it's slowly coming to an end with just under 80 episodes left to watch of the entire franchise.
  • Yes Pretty Cure - I'm almost done S1 and I've been absolutely LOVING every moment of it. I think it might end up being my #2 favourite pretty cure series behind Suite but I'll wait till I finish it all off before claiming that to be 100% true.

Hells was testing visuals for Redline imo


  • The Glass Rabbit - Another WWII story.
  • Starship Troopers: Invasion - Everything I wanted it to be and more!
  • Hells - Landon says it best. (we're probably the only 2 people to have watched this movie...)
  • Dragon Age - Suddenly I don't want to try playing the game anymore even though I own it...
  • Elysium - I knew this was going to be terrible but I had been waiting YEARS to watch the terribleness!
  • Happy Birthday Inochi Kagayaku Toki - Don't bully!
  • 5-tou ni Naritai - Even if you have a disability you should still try to make the most out of life. Impending Diary post coming.
  • Pattenrai - Really nice historical flick about bringing water to Taiwan.


  • Towa no Quon - I'm not sure why more people haven't been talking about this one honestly. Then again I think I hold these movie series compilations on a higher pedestal than everyone else. It was everything I wanted and more honestly from an hour long 6 movie series. Had a few flaws towards the end and in the middle but I signed up for a good time and boy oh boy that's what I got. Give me special people with super powers doing awesome things ANYDAY!



I'll leave the mass sum up of summer for later so I'll just say a word or 2 about what stood out to me here. I marathoned the majority of these shows at the end of summer. Some still have one episode to go still but that's ok. The only 2 I haven't started yet is Campione and Kokoro Connect... For some reason I just can't bring myself to watch them... Campione I could care less about either way honestly but Kokoro Connect I'm dreading with all my bones. I can't explain why, I just am... Muv-Luv and Sword Art Online are continuing on into the fall and I'm happy about this. These are 2 shows that almost everyone likes to complain about but I'm happier than a fat kid with cake watching and enjoying these 2 greatly. Horizon is another one people love to hate on but not me! Horizon is so gooood~ Binbougami ga and Joshiraku I expected not to like but I actually REALLY like them a lot. Summer seems to have set me up for a lot of good comedy shows for some reason, not that I'm complaining. And I'll throw in that Tari Tari was not as dreadful as I thought it was going to be. The beginning epsiodes were lame as hell but the end ones completely saved it. So yeah I'll leave blabbering on about the whole summer season for my big wrap up in December.

Here's to looking forward to another season worth of anime. Wooo Fall.

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Naa not really. 😛

Seemingly I got tagged in not one but 2 posts of this Anime Blogger Interrogation Game thingy (that I saw anyway! LOL) that has been going around the sphere for a bit now. I haven't bothered to read many of these posts honestly since I'm lame like that, but Digibro ended up writing about it and since I read everything he posts up on the internet (lol) I noticed that another person, Canne tagged me as well.

Gees... is chii that "popular" to be tagged by 2 people!? Nope not really!!! I just like to think of it as friends online still think of me when it comes to anime blogging even if they don't read my blog. <3 <3

Spike Spiegel for Canne

I'll start off with answering Canne's questions ^__^

1. If you could work in a production of one anime series, what job would you choose to do (e.g. screenwriter, director, character design, seiyu) and why?

Answer: I'd be the person that writes characters and writes dialogue. So writer I guess! I've found that over the years of writing short stories that I love blabbering on and on about my characters past and writing conversations. I think I'd be pretty good at voice acting too honestly. I can make some strange ass noises but I can't sing for shit so who knows.

2. If you could possess one superpower based on basic element (Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal), which element would you prefer and why?

Answer: Way to really make me think here... All have their perks... I guess I'd choose Air though. Boring but being able to float or fly around would be awesome. The real superpower I want is psychic powers though. Being able to read minds and move stuff around with my mind is just pure awesomeness to me.

3. Which anime movie you wish you had seen in theater and why?

Answer: I've seen a few anime movies in the theatre before. Princess Mononoke comes to mind right away. I'd have to really REALLY think about the others I've seen. Most anime movies for me I wouldn't really care to see in a theatre honestly. I like going to the movies to see big action flicks. So I guess a movie like Redline would have been nice to see on the big screen. Seeing the 2 Macross Frontier movies probably would have kicked ass when I think about it a little more. My tv in the basement is totally good enough though.

4. Sunny day, cloudy day and rainy day. Which one do you prefer? (And do you know which anime did this question come from?)

Answer: *snorts* weather pffffft weather makes me hurt so it is hard to have a "favourite" I guess I'll choose cloudy since the sun is very bright/hot which pisses me off and rain makes me extra hurty (even though I do like rain). (rank 7 for your favourite ghibli)

5. In anime, when a bunch of students gather together, they usually tell ghost stories. Now, please share with us your ghost/supernatural story (that happened to you or someone you knew)!

Answer: I'm just going to leave this picture of a spoOoOoky ghost here. I suck at telling stories and I can't think of any.

Yes ghosts like to boogie down!

Ponies for Digibro

And now for Digibro's questions ^__^

1. Right now, how connected do you feel with the anime blogosphere? Do you feel like you are a part of the community, or an outlier? Do you feel relevant?

Answer: I've always felt like an outsider. In everything I've ever done I've felt like this. It's just the way I am I guess and people either accept that or move on. I don't really feel relevant but I've never really cared enough to try and feel that way either. I just do what I do and if people like it awesome, if not... oh well.

2. The era of blogs may be coming to an end. New social media services are coming which will combine the best functions of services like blogs, tumblr, twitter, and reddit. What would be the ideal form of social media service to you? Do you like the current model of blogs, twitter, and tumblr, or are you super excited to ditch that noise?

Answer: reddit and tumblr are the last places I'd ever want to go for reading up on how people are feeling about anything or mingling in general... I like twitter because I can just spam the shit out of it and if someone cares they'll talk back to me. Although I'm not sure what these new social media services you are even speaking of... I suck at the internet it seems.

3. With the exception, perhaps, of SummerS, we’ve all been watching anime on a weekly basis for years on end now. All of us have probably found a certain groove (like mine of watching fucking nothing). Are you satisfied with the way you watch anime now? If you had a different lifestyle, would you change the way that you watch anime, or is the way you watch more based around what shows are on the air? (To rephrase: do you wish you could watch more shows? Do you think you’re already watching too many? Etc.)

Answer: Well we all know I have nothing to do but watch anime.... Sometimes I wish this wasn't the case but if anime wasn't around I'd just pour myself into something else so I don't really think I've been watching that much lately since I've been splitting up my hobbies more. I'm not watching everything currently airing which I normally do. But this year I've decided to take a step back from that and just marathon the shows when they are finished airing. I kinda like doing it this way but it takes me away from a lot of people at the same time that do keep up with all the current stuff.

I more wish that I didn't make myself sit through these crappy shows I know I'm going to dislike... I have this problem with anime though... I love it so much I'm willing to watch ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. A real life show I'll drop in a heartbeat if I'm not liking it but anime... MUST CONSUME IT ALL...

4. Getting into the really important question: what would you like to see from me in the future? All five of you are long-time readers of my blog, and some of you have read me very consistently. Chii, for instance, reads just about everything I put out, and Schneider has read a lot of my fiction and non-blog work which I haven’t even shown anyone besides him. All of you must enjoy something about my writing, or enjoyed something about it in the past. This isn’t me asking for advice on how to be a better writer: I’m asking, what do YOU want to see me write about? What, if I posted it, would make you really glad to see me writing something like that?

Answer: Like I said in the comments of your post I'd love you to finish Lain. Otherwise you know... everything you do is just awesome to me. <3 Maybe more list posts. I love list posts XD

5. What has got you by the balls right now, in life? It doesn’t have to be anime. For instance, I know that while ghosty is still watching and blogging anime, he’s putting more energy into playing Mass Effect as Jerrid Messa and probably rebuilding his house after the recent flood. Much in the way that video games are currently the major driving force of my energy right now, what is the major driving force of yours?

Answer: Summer has always been an interesting time for me. I hate the heat but everyone else loves it so they are more willing to travel to see me when it's nice out instead of winter when it is complete shit for travel. We just had a good 2 solid weeks of friend visits. It takes a lot out of me but it's really nice at the same time seeing everyone when we rarely get to. (we live far away from everyone) We plan on doing a bit of travelling ourselves in September. I'm looking forward to it since I really do like travelling but my body doesn't agree with it at all so I try not to do it too much.

My ever on going health battle consumes pretty much every aspect of my life. It has even set into my gaming and anime time which I used to use to escape from my health issues >.< I've developed wrist issues late last year along with all my other problems which makes it double impossible to type for any length without my arm going numb or worse. Highly annoying for a blogger to have happening... So that's kinda why I've not been doing as many posts (lolol) as I would like to be doing. It also makes me choose. Do I want to type or play video games. Because gaming can hurt just as much as the typing does (especially when I all I want to do is sit there for hours and play but can't) but if I had to choose one to make me suffer it's almost always going to be gaming.

ATM my gaming consists of Dynasty Warriors 7, SSX, Mortal Kombat, and a lot of RPG's. I'm almost done FFIV so I'm eager to try and choose the next one. Star Ocean will probably be the one. These are what make me happy for the time being. Anime not so much even though I still watch anime everyday. Video game suggestions are highly welcome.

I dunno how they made him even hotter than normal but holy smokes~

Now apparently I'm suppose to ask 5 more questions, answer those question, and send it off to 5 more people... That seems like a lot of work... And I just did a lot of work writing this post... So instead I'm just going to ask those 5 questions BUT anyone can answer them! On your blog or in a comment I don't care! Lets see just how many people will even read this and care enough to comment XD

1. Which of my blogging projects would you like to see me consistently post about more often? If none is there a blog project you would like to see me pick up? Or can you suggest me an anime. ANYTHING. And maybe you'll see a review of it on here!

2. If you could have any mecha from any anime which one would it be and what would you use it for?

3. What is the best show that you haven't watched yet?

4. People need to advance further in the universe. Do you wish to go into SPACE or under the sea?

5. What is the worst thing to have happened in your favourite anime for you?

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