365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 338/365 Maria

Day 338/365


From the anime A.LI.CE, Maria is a highly skilled Robot. She looks exactly like a human being because she was made to be a waitress. She lives with Yuan and more than enough times her strange skills have come in handy for him and his new friend, Alice. Together the 3 of them will work to get Alice back to where she belongs.

Why I like her: Random humour in a pretty terrible show. Even if the humour wasn't intentional on her part at all.

Why I hate her: Her outfits are terribly ugly. What's with that stupid anchor? What's with the collar that should have a leash attached to it? Why does she change half way through the movie? Why is this robot making me ask all these strange questions!?

Overall: Maria seems to be a pretty popular single name for characters in anime. Check out my review of this movie.


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Chii & Kira Anime Watching Club – December 2010 – A.LI.CE

Kira from Less Words, More Boobs and I have been watching anime together for quite some time now. We had taken a break for a little while but now Kira has started her own blog, so we decided that it would be fun to watch one title a month together and do what we use to do. Generally these titles are picked knowing one or both of us won't enjoy it at all. So of course there's lots of fun bantering back and fourth and we generally get some pretty funny reactions from one another. Since Kira wanted to restart this lovely little project she got first pick. For some reason it happened to be the sci-fi, CG movie, A.LI.CE. I asked her if she was sure because I had already viewed this once before and thought it to be dreadful. She was firm on her choice so I agreed to watch it again in hopes that it wouldn't be as bad as I remembered it to be. Oh how wrong I was...

Alice and out hero Yuan.

A.LI.CE is surprise, surprise about a girl names Alice. She goes into space, space craft crashes and she is the only survivor. Not knowing what just happened she now is faced with fleeing for her life from some unknown robotic beings. Oh noes! Luckily, Yuan (which I think is kind of a retarded name for how he looks) is there to save the frightened Alice and takes her back to his place. Ohhh yeah! They chat each other up a bit and Alice starts to learn that she is not where she is suppose to be but still isn't sure what is going on either. Since 2 characters at this point weren't enough enter miss sexbot. She looks like she belongs in the ova [email protected] honestly... Alice names this robot lady Maria. Why? I'm not sure... Something about looks.

Not the best of ways to introduce a character...

As you can see with the images above there are a lot of herp derp moments going on with these CG characters. It is not visually stunning in the slightest. The most impressive thing with how it looks, is some of the background work done is nice enough. It's just really too bad the characters don't match that look at all. Along with the bad CG, the music doesn't get any better. Generally there was some electronic music of sorts playing intensely during a fight or chase scene. With what was going on in the movement, the music did not fit in at all. I recall once in the whole hour and a half where the music actually made sense with what was going on. It felt like someone was a huge fan of some song they heard and just really wanted to use it in the movie no matter what.

Tinted green boob shot for computer nerd pleasure!

Aside from Alice we didn't learn much about any of the other characters. Just that they live in this shitty place run by some dude named Nero that is very pissed off about the state of the world. Others hate Nero and will fight with all their might against it. Somehow, Alice is connected to Nero and everyone but her knows it. She ends up captured by a resistance group and forced into some weird machine. Things kinda go all Tron like at this point for some unknown reason. But hey, hacking with your brainwaves is easier than the old fashioned way right? The leader of the resistance seems to think so. I think he looks like a evil Russian bent on taking over the world for himself. Actually I think a lot of these characters feel Russian like. At least all the resistance ones. It must have been the snow setting. In the English dub... Yes, there is a dub for this... His accent ends up being Texan which totally ruined the awesome image I had for him while I watched it in Japanese.

Evil Russian man Nicholai and Alice.

Kasuba even has a Russian hat!

Alice's brain is trippy! @[email protected]

No idea what's going on here.

Oh yes, did I mention that Maria somehow changes her looks completely halfway through the movie? One moment she's an old sexbot running around fighting for Alice and Yuan and the next thing we know she turns into what looks like a teenage girl. Maybe I missed that part but somehow I don't think so...

I can't say there isn't anything not to like about the movie. It does have an "interesting" enough plot even if it is filled to the brink with holes and clichés. It's not appealing to me very much but I'm sure someone out there wouldn't mind it... For some reason... The 2 pictures below are the golden spots for me. Snowmobiles and a bishie that looks like he came right out of a Final Fantasy game. I suppose even in the worst of shows there's bound to be something to like. Yuan's sideburns were pretty epic too. I didn't notice them till Kira pointed out how terrible Alice's hair was. Yuan isn't much better in that category.

These were awesome!

No anime is complete without a bishie.

Overall I would not suggest this movie to anyone. Not even to a crazy person like me who will watch ANY anime thing. I feel icky that I watched it again. I felt the same way as I did back when I first watched it and maybe even worse this second time around. It was however worth it to watch with Kira.

* Story 1/10
* Animation .5/10
* Sound .5/10
* Characters .5/10
* Overall 2/10

Fitting for this time of year.

Click here for Kira's fun take on this "interesting" movie. Look forward to next month!

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