365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 102/365 Sugar

Day 102/365


From the anime A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Sugar is a Snow Fairy in training. Her goal is to find a Twinkle so she can plant it and once it blooms she will be a full fledged Snow Fairy. Her search brings her to the human world where she meets Saga and thus the adventure begins.

Why I like her: She has this odd love for waffles that always made me really hungry when I was watching the show. To this day I can't see a waffle without thinking about Sugar. When she wasn't throwing a fit she was super cute... Almost too cute. (Yes there is a limit on cute!)

Why I hate her: She threw so many tantrums, young children can relate to this show easily I'm sure.

Overall: Like I said before in my review, for true innocent moe watch this show. Sugar has the correct name as she is very sweet (Couldn't help adding that :P)

Sugar with her fairy friends

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2 Days out of 4 of my Anime-Planet Christmas Marathon


So I started a little marathon event for Christmas on Anime-Planet where members get together and choose from the list provided and try to out watch each other within the 4 days. I choose the following from the festive list:

1. Itsudatte My Santa!
2. Princess Tutu
3. A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
4. Cooking Master Boy
5. Popotan

I have finished all but Cooking Master Boy as I plan on starting that later with my bf when he gets home.


Itsudatte My Santa! - .5/5 DO NOT WATCH!!! I can't express that enough... It was so bad. I thought it was just going to be a lame story about a boy who hated Christmas because his parents were never around and they had the balls to name him Santa because he was born on the 25th. What I got was a terrible boring story along those lines but it had a super annoying chick in it that was painful to not only look at but to listen to as well. Then they made a second episode that had NOTHING to do with the first one..... *sigh*


Princess Tutu - 2/5 I can see how this anime would appeal to some people but I found it dry and boring. It had great potential but it just didn't turn out well. Generally I love weird twisted stories about fairy tales but Princess Tutu took the fun out of it by being too serious for it's own good when everything surrounding it was so absurdly awkward and quirky. I will say that the animation was lovely to see. It was outside of the normal way of anime animation and it was a nice change. The classical music soundtrack as well. I think if it wasn't for the music I wouldn't have made it through this anime... although the music might have added to the sleepy effect I had while watching.

Salt, Pepper, and Sugar are fairies.

Pepper, Salt, and Sugar are fairies.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar - 2/5 Watching this right after Princess Tutu probably wasn't the best of choices but I did it anyway. Surprisingly it went by much faster than Tutu did. This anime was about fairies that are training to become a certain kind of fairy. Sun, wind, snow and so on. They train in the human world and they meet Saga who can for some reason see them. They have to plant seeds and then find a"twinkle" to make them bloom... yeah it was that exciting. But for a true moe experience this show was right up there. My oddest complaint about this series was that Saga took a LOT of baths. For something that was so innocent it almost seemed like they were trying hard to make it a fanservice of some sort. But then again maybe that's just me. There were at least 10 bath scenes in a 24 episode show about fairies and innocence. I certainly hope there are no weird creepy otaku out there that would fap to such a cute show... I hope.


Ho ho ho


Hot spring episode.

Popotan - 2/5 Ecchi, ecchi, ecchi... For a while at least. Then suddenly out of no where it turns super serious. WTF and then just ends... There isn't much more to say about this... It oddly had a Christmas feel to it but that only was because it was about a house that was a Christmas shop too, that transported around from place to place... 😐

Lets just say after all that mediocre stuff I hope Cooking Master Boy will be awesome.

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