A to Z Anime Reviews: A is for… Afro-ken

Oh that fun loving pup!

I'm going to start off small for this project. A is for Afro-ken who is a dog with an afro and that's all there is to it! Seriously... We spend 30 whole minutes watching Afro-ken frolic around with "his?" buddies doing whatever pleases them. Which is generally being near fluffy things for Afro-ken. Which means a lot of sheep are in this ova! I love sheep so yay!!

We briefly take a pause to listen to the creator of Afro-ken, Aimi Tetsurou whom works for the San-X company, (makers of all things CUTE) talk about why he created Afro-ken in the first place. Basically he likes dogs... A lot... And being weird! Because weird is exactly what these CG dogs are. When he held up a plushie of Afro-ken I kinda squealed because it is adorable and I'd love to have one! We also learn that he wants to go into SPACE one day... HELL YEAH ME TOO!


So umm yeah watch Afro-ken for some Afro dog strangeness! Just don't expect a masterpiece or anything since nothing seriously happens in this show. Just some good old random doggy fun!

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 114/365 Afro-ken

Day 114/365


From the anime Afro-ken, Afro-ken is a dog with an afro! He has a unique ability that involves making his afro turn into something similar to whatever he meets that he's interested in.

Why I like him: He's one curious pup. He likes to run around exploring anything and everything he comes across.

Why I hate him: No way. He's a dog with an afro... A rainbow afro!

Overall: Fun and random. Afro-ken is one cute pup.

The many faces of Afro-ken

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