365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 148/365 Jinnosuke

Day 148/365

Jinnosuke AKA Kuma

Jinnosuke AKA Kuma

From the anime Afro Samurai, Jinnosuke AKA Kuma meaning bear, is a swordsman who wears a cybernetic teddy bear mask. He was good friends with Afro but once Afro killed their master for the Number Two headband, Kuma vowed vengeance against him.

Why I like him: Wearing a teddy bear head while fighting it quite interesting and it is hilarious to watch a man in a bear suit fight. I enjoy cyborg people as well.

Why I hate him: There wasn't much else to him other than the bear suit. There was some interesting drama but rather annoying and cliche at the same time.

Overall: Strange characters mixed with entertaining action. Don't look for a deep plot here but do plan to enjoy yourself.

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