366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 62/366 Air

Day 62/366

Air is about a hobo boy who meets a strange girl in a town by the ocean.

These girl uniforms are quite lovely considering I'm not the biggest fan of this anime. But having a long black dress with a ribbon black bow tie in the back of the dress is just too cute. The only thing that sucks about this uniform is the white puffy shirt. I like the red tie because it's got a white trim on it and it's nice and flowing. Simple uniform but very attractive. Boy uniforms in this show aren't seen very much but when they are, they are all black with a white shirt under the jacket.

Overall: I'd wear this if I had a simple white shirt instead of that puffy one.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 261/365 Haruko Kamio

Day 261/365

Haruko Kamio

From the anime Air, Haruko Kamio is the foster mother and aunt of Misuzu. She loves Misuzu very much but tries not to get too attached to her for fear that she'll be taken away one way or another. She tries to help Misuzu get better from her mysterious illness along with Yukito, whom is a traveler that has become close to Misuzu.

Why I like her: She's a super happy fun lady. She loves to drink and shows just the right amount of care for others when needed. She has a great complicated side to her that any foster parent would understand.

Why I hate her: She is the ONLY Key character that I feel NO hate whatsoever for. GO her!

Overall: This is the ONLY Key anime I found any enjoyment out of. There wasn't much but WAY more than anything else. Thank you Haruko. I'll still never play the VN though. Picture below done by mutsuki (moonknives).

Haruko Kamio and Misuzu Kamio

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