366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 51/366 Angel Densetsu

Day 51/366

Angel Densetsu is about a boy who is sweet and kind but looks mean so he is feared greatly by most surrounding him. This makes his school life pretty interesting.

Both uniforms are plain like a lot of other one shot ova's it seems. Boys wear the oh so famous all black uniform. Girls wear a navy blue uniform and a lovely knee length skirt. I really like the floppy red bow tie they have too. Not much else to say here except even though the uniforms are pretty ordinary this show is anything but.

Overall: No one would even recognize what anime I was cosplaying from if I wore this.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 290/365 Kitano Seiichiro

Day 290/365

Kitano Seiichiro

From the anime Angel Densetsu, Kitano Seiichiro is a quirky boy with the heart of an angel, but the sinister looks of a devil which causes people around him to be rather confused and fear him. He becomes known as the "school guardian" at his new school because some students misunderstood his true nature because of his looks. Since he is constantly fighting he has great speed, reflexes, and most important, a stubborn will to succeed in protecting who he is fighting for. This makes him a very difficult opponent to battle.

Why I like him: He doesn't like violence at all but he'll always fight to protect someone and ends up being so creepy at the same time because his face is so mean looking. Nothing says I care like running around screaming incoherently (he does this when in a state of panic XD) either before or after having an intense fight, bleeding everywhere, looking like a mean monster. Simply hilarious!

Why I hate him: Sad that he couldn't just explain properly his issue to everyone. Not really his fault though.

Overall: Really funny short ova. I really wish it was longer so I'll have to grab me the manga sometime and check it out.

So creepy yet so innocent under that umbrella.

Hilarious from the OP

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