366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 286/366 Angelic Layer

Day 286/366

Angelic Layer just a girl and her doll.

I'm not sure what to make of these uniforms honestly. They are different but not and kinda weird too. Very military like too because of that "crest". The cuffs are cute, thick, and match the arm band that they wear. The best think about these are that the girls match the boys. Otherwise ehh.

There's a few other uniforms shown in this anime but they don't really matter since none are very interesting like these main ones are.

Overall: Nuuu.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 11/365 Misaki Suzuhara

Day 11/365

Misaki Suzuhara

From the anime Angelic Layer, Misaki Suzuhara is a 12 year old girl who travels to Tokyo for school. She stumbles across Angelic Layer one day and wishes to learn more about it. Turns out it's a game that people control custom-design dolls known as angels with their thoughts. People battle it out with their dolls to see who is the best.

Why I like her: She's a little kid that was given the chance to prove herself in a game. She got pretty much scouted by that old man to become the best. I wish I could control a doll with my mind... Even if it's through a machine.

Why I hate her: Young kids all have one thing in common, they complain a lot, are timid, and are pretty crybaby like. Misaki was no exception to this formula. It drove me crazy and almost made me not want to finish off the series (which took me a year to complete).

Overall: I probably would have liked this show a lot more if she was stuck up and full of herself. I dunno why but I feel that would have added a lot more to the anime and made it way more interesting. But alas, with her background story that attitude wouldn't have fit her very well. That doll of hers is pretty awesome though! 😀

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