365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 29/365 Olivie

Day 29/365


From the anime Angelique ~When the Heart Awakens~, Olivie is one of the 9 guardians that are suppose to help the candidates whom are competing to become the next queen. He is the Guardian of Dream. He and the other guardians use their powers to help the girls create a perfect land. (Great idea but it's executed in the most girly way possible)

Why I like him: His amazingly gay personality was a hoot to watch. I like tranny men. I wish he was one of the favourite guardians of the show's lead ladies so he could have been around more.

Why I hate him: I don't. If he wasn't in this anime I think I would have been really sad and even more bored than I was watching it.

Overall: He would have made the best queen.

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