Days of Anime School Uniforms: 316/366 Apocalypse Zero


Apocalypse Zero just watch it... 😀

LOL These uniforms are something else that's for sure! I have no idea why these buttons needed to be so big but there they are. They go down the skirt too which is just odd. I think the girl uniform is trying to be a sailor suit but well... yeah... Boys on the other hand keep with the all one colour aspect and seem to be able to choose between black or white. White being the more dominant colour. It looks like they are trying to be like a military uniform with the shoulders and buttons but then again... I'm still not sure wtf is up with these.

Overall: hahaha... no... still watch the show though!

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 283/365 Kakugo Hagakure

Day 283/365

Kakugo Hagakure

From the anime Apocalypse Zero, Kakugo Hagakure received the Zero armor (from his father) along with his older sister Harara to protect the remaining Earth people from monsters that roam in post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Kakugo never weavers from this task unlike his sister. Now he must not only fight wicked monsters, but his own sister as well to protect what little they have left of the Earth.

Why I like him: DEFENDER OF JUSTICE! Never gives up no matter how weird shit gets!

Why I hate him: Too hilariously awesome to hate!

Overall: I gotta get me the manga to this someday. Unlike myself, most people have a good amount of hate for this so bad it's good ova.

With covers like that how can anyone refuse!

The manga looks very lovely

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