365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 78/365 Dr. Kishida

Day 78/365

Dr. Kishida

From the anime Ariel, Dr. Kishida is a scientist that builds a giant robot named Ariel to save the Earth from an alien force that equally doesn't know what they are doing.

Why I like him: His creativity and pushing his granddaughters to pilot the huge girly mecha even thought they wanted nothing to do with it was impressive. It's hard to get girls of that age to do what they are told. He oddly reminds me of House too...

Why I hate him: His perverted quirky side was annoying. Playboy bunny pilot suits? Really? -.-

Overall: Only watch this show if you have a love for bad 80's anime ova's. Like the anime says over and over again, Kishida is a very unfortunate man.

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