365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 232/365 Naomi Armitage

Day 232/365

Naomi Armitage

From the anime Armitage III, Naomi Armitage is an illegal "third type" android. Meaning she is the most human-like robot ever in the world. There are only a handful of these beings created and someone is out there killing them. Armitage must fight on now not only to protect herself but the few others out there like her.

Why I like her: She chooses to fight with humans even if they want her dead for being a "third type". Her relationship with her partner Ross Sylibus was truely amazing. They both bring so much to their relationship it was wonderful to see it play out.

Why I hate her: It's just not possible.

Overall: If you loved Armitage in this ova check out Armitage III Dual-Matrix.

Armitage and Ross Sylibus

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