Asatte no Houkou

Overall: 4/10
Story: 3
Art: 5
Music: 5
Characters: 4

Nothing was special about this one. I liked the idea of child turned into adult and vise versa but that's about it. Oh the ending was nice. Which is hard to believe cause I've seen a lot of pretty bad-mediocre anime. It was a nice little surprise and that's where half the points come from.

Art and music were nothing special. They weren't bad they weren't great. Definitely not worth mentioning really. They were pretty much the same as every other slice-of-life/drama anime out there.

Karada >.< yeah she's a child and it sure does show....even if she's an "adult".... die die die! >.< I really hate annoying main characters.

Hiro needs a good kick in the ass. He knows what to do but never does it till he's forced to. So lame. So typical really. He was always on the brink of being really cool but always seemed to mess it up.

Shōko is where the rest of the points come from. She was well done and not annoying. She was the only one of them to actually have "balls" I thought she was going to be an annoying character before I started watching it but I'm glad she proved me wrong and was the best thing about this anime. I'm glad she was there to drag a little bit of the annoying out of the other characters and make them seem a little stronger.

I say don't bother watching this unless you've watched everything else and have time to kill.... I suppose if you like drama it takes a cute interesting route to entertain the view from something slightly out of the norm.

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