365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 44/365 Ryuu Sasakura

Day 44/365

Ryuu Sasakura

From the anime Bartender, Ryuu Sasakura is an amazing bartender who owns Eden Hall. He lends an ear to the people who come into his bar and offers some sound advice that generally works out in the person's favour. His specialty drink is called "glass of god".

Why I like him: He can look at a person and know exactly what drink they need to sooth their soul. That is AWESOME.

Why I hate him: The cliche "bartender is your psychiatrist" deal is greatly overdone in this anime. Although it's not really a hate per-say as there wouldn't even be an anime about a bartender in the first place if they didn't include that aspect.

Overall: Get a mixed drink put together of your favourite booze (or 2), sit down, and enjoy some delicious adult slice of life.

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