365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 35/365 Casca

Day 35/365


From the anime Berserk, Casca is the only woman to be part of the Band of the Hawk lead by Griffith. She is quick and strong with a sword, ranking her third in skill among the group.

Why I like her: She's strong willed and puts up with anything and everything that gets thrown her way. She keeps going no matter what and puts some men to shame with how tough she is.

Why I hate her: Her typical womanly side comes out when she flip flops over who she has the most feelings for which makes her bitchy and irritable. Slightly annoying to have to sit through.

Overall: I am aware that the anime does not show everything that happens in the manga but overall the enjoyment is still there. Casca's strength in the anime is shown beautifully.

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