366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 3/366 Best Student Council

Day 3/366

Rino & Nanaho

Best Student Council is about a hobo girl that gets to go to an all girls school magically!

These uniforms are gross. Younger girls get a pink skirt and bow with an ugly sand coloured jacket that have a red lining to them. Older girls get a pretty icky green skirt but have a blue bow and they have the same jackets as the younger ones. I hate the bows because they are fat and just look terrible, especially the pink ones. If I had to compliment two things about the outfit it would be the fact that older girls and younger girls have different colours they wear and the socks. All the girls wear the same kind black sock with two red bands at the top. They are super cute but that's all that is cute about this uniform. Also that ugly sweater like shirt that the older student is wearing under her jacket is just nasty.

There are no boys in this show because it's an all girls school so I have nothing to say about a boy uniform here. I was also way too lazy to look and see if they had a gym outfit so we get none of that here either. If they do have one I'm sure it's ugly too and I erased it from my mind.

Overall: Ick no way I'd ever want to wear this.

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Not so Secret Santa: Best Student Council

So yeah, my first anime is Best Student Council and like last year I'll go from "Shittiest" show to "Best" show. So since this is first, this is not an anime I would have watched on my own... Ever... Only my Not so Secret Santa Project could make me view it. Thank you my dear evil friend OtakuDan... I watched this terrible show that YOU choose for ME to "enjoy". I hate you Dan...

Kids with more power than staff? This is a problem.

And these 11 aren't even ALL of them...










Rino's mom died. Boo hoo... (ya the bitterness starts here if you couldn't tell from the first paragraph) A generous mystery person sends her off to a pretty pricey school. *shrugs* She transfers to Miyagami Private Academy where she becomes part of The Best Student Council. This council is special though... It is divided into four groups: Executive, Assault, Covert, and the Vehicle Squad. Why? I don't fucking know and don't really give a shit. All girls in this council have a special "thing" they are good at. For the most part they are useful things that they can beat people with or do whatever. But this is not the case for Rino... She has the dumbest "talent" of all... She has a puppet named Pucchan. HE IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVER!

With a quirky girl and a puppet as the focus I thought I'd get something delightfully weird like School Rumble. Both shows have a HUGE cast and weird characters so why not? Oh how wrong I was to even THINK I'd get something good or even funny. This is a comedy so I expected you know, laughs. Instead I got something that felt like forced drama and serious topics that they tried to be funny in now and then. Pucchan was there for comic relief I suppose but he did nothing but piss me off (like Fool from Kaleido Star) when he was on screen... Which was pretty much ALL the time. The terrible combination of the shitty drama and comedy was just awful for me because I just couldn't focus on what was happening or even bring myself to care. I couldn't like any of the characters and I tried to. They all were just flat and boring even though they had quirks to them. Nothing felt fleshed out at all to me. Hell even the look and sound of the show was just average. I can't remember the OP or ED (and I listened to them EVERY SINGLE EPISODE) or even if there was music or sounds throughout the show.

Even the crappy plot they did try to do with Rino and her shitty puppet failed miserably in the end.

Blargy go look at some pictures of the MILLIONS of cast members while I take a break from being angry... I hate you Dan...































Yeah with that many girls and shitty writing there's no way this could have been good. I really have nothing nice to say about this show. (if you couldn't already tell) It was a chore to watch, a chore to try and pay attention to, and well just downright shitty. It further sets in stone just how much I dislike generic slice of school life shows that try too hard to be something "special" and turn out like everything else, craptastic and hollow.

I don't recommend watching this show at all. Go watch something better... Like... Anything...

I hate you...











 * Story 1/10
* Animation 5/10
* Sound 5/10
* Characters 2/10
* Overall 1/10

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