366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 89/366 Break Blade

Day 89/366

Break Blade has pretty much nothing to do with school life but instead is in a world of fantasy and AWESOME.

We only see these military school uniforms in flashbacks and in the picture drama for these wonderful movies. From what I can tell girls and boys wear the same outfit. A long white jacket that has a black stripe on each shoulder along with a button and black pants. The "bow ties" seem to be whatever colour the student prefers or has some other meaning that I just don't know about. Simple, clean, and very sexy these uniforms are.

The other military school uniforms we see are in the picture drama randomly, they are pretty much the same as the white uniforms above but tan instead. All the students in this school wear orange "bow ties" with a gold broach in the middle. The girls actually wear a brown skirts where the boys wear brown pants. These uniforms give off an "I'm getting down to business" feel unlike the sexiness of the white ones.

Break Blade Girl School Uniforms 1
Break Blade Boy School Uniforms








Overall: White ones for me.

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