366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 105/366 Canary

Day 105/366

Canary takes a bunch of kids and tests them against time so that their song can be heard! LISTEN TO THEIR SONG.

2 uniforms are present for girls but they look almost the same aside from colour. We see the red ones the most in this short ova. Red skirts with a white top that has red along the short sleeved cuffs. They wear this ugly yellow tie that looks like they tuck it into their skirt... At the bottom of the tie there are white and black stripes too. Not sure why but they look stupid. The black uniform does things a little different with the top but it's still pretty close to the red one. They have more of a sailor suit top going on and their tie doesn't have any white and black stripes. Instead the black cuffs have one white stripe in the middle.

Boy uniforms are just a plain white shirt and black pants. I'm sure they have a jacket but we never get to see those.

I just like this shoot XD

Overall: No thanks.

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