365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 153/365 Sue

Day 153/365


From the anime Clover, Sue is a special child known as "Clover". Children that have this nickname are known to be able to manipulate technology in a magical way. Sue ends up being the most power Clover they have discovered so they brand her with 4 leaves in tattoo form. She lives in exile much to her sadness. All she wants is to be free to do as she wishes.

Why I like her: Her futuristic world is very fascinating and makes me want it to be real. I think she is a very pretty girl and I love her wings.

Why I hate her: I've never overly enjoyed the damsel in distress act. She has awesome powers! Use them!

Overall: Another wonderful music video from CLAMP. Also another one that I believe would made a lovely 30 minute ova or longer. Check out the manga too because it is very beautiful.

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