365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 64/365 Chinami Ebihara

Day 64/365

Chinami Ebihara in Code-E

From the anime Code-E, Chinami Ebihara starts off as a shy, nerdy school girl who just happens to send off electromagnetic waves which disrupt or destroy nearby electronic equipment. Everyday she works to control this strange ability from causing problems for those around her. In Mission-E she has embraced her power and works for a company called OZ that studies and saves girls that also have the "Type-E" ability from their rival company Foundation.

Why I like her: For the most part I don't like her until Mission-E where she suddenly grows "balls". She makes me think of Yomiko Readman from Read or Die but definitely not as cool.

Why I hate her: In Code-E she is your typical boring schoolgirl with "issues" character. Sure her issues are a little strange but so are SO many other anime girls out there. Magical girl anyone?

Overall: Pretty much no one has even heard of this anime but it's worth a look if you like the weird super power type of anime.

Chinami Ebihara in Mission-E

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