365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 288/365 Nachi Igarashi

Day 288/365

Nachi Igarashi

From the anime Compiler, Nachi Igarashi is the older brother of Toshi and they have meet 2 beautiful ladies that decided to move in with them. Nachi comes off as a lazy man that likes to chase as many women as possible. He likes to go out and get drunk which always ends in him breaking some poor girls heart.

Why I like him: Mmmmm I guess I liked how things ended with him. He wasn't all that impressive of a character.

Why I hate him: Womanizer to the extreme. He acts like such a jerk all the time. I dunno what Compiler sees in him.

Overall: A very fun and nerdy show that I wouldn't have minded actually watching a full on series of.

Compiler and Nachi Igarashi

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