366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 302/366 Cross Game

Day 302/366

Cross Game baseball and drama.

Green plaid skirt but that's about it. Not a super fan of the bow tie being the same pattern though... I think baseball uniforms are just as plain as the typical all black uniform style that boys normally wear.

Overall: Nope.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 98/365 Osamu Akaishi

Day 98/365

Osamu Akaishi

From the anime Cross Game, Osamu Akaishi is a fellow baseball teammate on the position of catcher. He grew up with Ko and Wakaba so they are all the same age with close bonds. His father runs the local liquor store in the neighborhood.

Why I like him: I rather enjoyed his real personality. He is a shy boy but doesn't completely lack in emotions like most as he develops a crush and has a strong bond of friendship. I actually enjoy his position as catcher as well. Generally that's a spot that is ignored in the sport of baseball.

Why I hate him: I don't. He was really refreshing as a character for me.

Overall: As far as baseball is concerned, for me this is above average because of the drama that was included with the show. I'm not generally a fan of drama either but these 2 combined in a wonderful way. Osamu is a real character that I would expect to meet in real life.


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