366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 14/366 Delinquent in Drag

Day 14/366


Delinquent in Drag is about a boy who when given the chance to attend a very good school does so. The only issue is he was accepted as a SHE.

While the girl uniforms are plain and very typical sailor suit like yet, I find them cute. Maybe it's because a boy wears one in this silly ova. A long blue skirt with a normal white t-shirt and a red sailor tie. You just can't get anymore generic than this! But for this anime it works! It seems that the boy uniforms have 2 different kinds. Both typical but props for having an all black one and an all gray one to choose from. I can't say that I'm impressed at all with the boys gym uniforms. Maybe it's just the ping pong clubs outfit though who knows. I can't say the lime green t-shirt and blue shorts with a white stripe down the side does it for me at all. If I were a boy going to this school I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that!









Overall: If he can wear it I can too.

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