2000 Watched, So Lets Remember My Anime Firsts

After viewing my 2000th anime being Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Spiral Labyrinth, (a few weeks ago) I happened to come across My anime firsts post over on Mainichi Anime Yume. Very inspired I took the list from there and added some of my own questions. I started thinking right away about what my first were simply because of that post and my chiropractor whom that very night asked me what I did for a living. Not having a job in general I just said "I blog" which of course let to the question "Oh? What about?". I Had to tell him about anime and of course he had no clue what I was really talking about but he then asked "What got you into watching anime?". This question got me thinking all over again about my anime journey in life because I couldn't really come up with anything else other than I had just grown up with it. Remembering these anime is half the fun of these following questions!

Anywho, with that in mind I give you all my anime first that I can remember!

Picture by studiostrawberri

First Anime Watched (English)

This is a toss up since when I was a little kid Fables of the Green Forest & Maya the Bee were shown on TV. So without fully knowing that I was watching anime I had started. The one I was fully aware that it was an anime would have to be Dragon Ball and then of course Sailor Moon.

First Non-Kids Anime

Dominion Tank Police on late night TV. It blew my mind on how awesome it was.

First Anime song Heard (TV size in Japanese)

I would say that Gundam Wing is the winner here.

First Anime song Heard (full version) and First Anime (Japanese with subs)

I first watched Escaflowne on TV so I heard it's "special" English OP only at first. Then my best friend told me that I absolutely had to re-watch the series in Japanese. I wasn't so sure at first why but then he showed me the full version of the actual OP for it and I was sold.

Picture by u to i

First Anime Obsession

Sailor Moon I'd have to say. I was so tsundere for it at first too which makes it all the more hilarious to me. When Macross Plus came out the obsession moved onto that. Followed quickly by Gundam Wing.

First Anime Franchise-based Movie

Patlabor: The Movie and it ended up hooking me on awesome mecha series ever since.

First Anime Original Movie

Ninja Scroll. <3 Never gets old.

First Character Obsession (Male/Female)

Blue Saphir AKA Sapphire from Sailor Moon for my male obsession hands down. He was part of the Black Moon Clan and I can safely say that I was VERY (link contains spoilers) obsessed with his tragic character. For my female obsession it's honestly harder to remember. I suppose it would be Sailor Mercury simply because of what I stated in her character post. I think being obsessed with Myung and her alter ego Sharron was a much better fit for me when Macross Plus came along. Even the next anime obsession Gundam Wing's Relena was a better choice.

First Anime That Made Me Cry

Grave of the Fireflies hands down. It is one of only 6 titles that have ever made tears flow from my eyes. Anime for some reason has a really hard time making me cry.

First Product Bought (non-video)

I bought Sailor Moon posters from the dollar store. I still have them and one day when I can put them up on the wall again I shall and it'll be awesome!

First Figure

Figures I suppose. All these little Hetalia ones that my boyfriend bought for me for my birthday in 2010.

First Video Collection (VHS/DVD)

VHS is really fuzzy for me since I don't have any of them anymore and they ended up getting stolen at some point during my many moves. I'm pretty sure Dirty Pair was my first VHS find though. DVD wise like I said here it's either a toss up between Macross Plus or Kite. I just for the life of me can't remember the order.

First Manga Read

Battle Angel Alita because I was dating a guy that was very much into anime and helped me get even more into anime at the time. He had every original volume and I read it every time I went over to visit him haha.

First Manga Bought

Chobits but because she had the same name as ME. My nickname when I was an elementary student was chii cause I had a lot of energy like chi! I just rolled with it ever since.

First Convention

Anime North in 2009. I'm very much a convention noob.

First Hentai

Mine would have to be La Blue Girl... I'm sure a lot of other people share this as their first as well.

First Hentai Manga

Bondage Fairies! Might be better not to ask how this came about 😛

First Fansub

This would probably be Ranma 1/2. It was the first anime I watched with my best friend whom had internet at the time and could get anime for us to watch that wasn't on TV.

First AMV Watched

It's actually really hard to remember this but I think it would have to be this one. I've never had the desire to make one but if I did it would so be for Legend of the Galactic Heroes to Muse's Knights Of Cydonia.

First Fan Fic Written

It was a Macross Plus one I'll admit but I'll NEVER let anyone see it no matter how much you ask 😛 There's even a Gundam Wing one hanging around somewhere too 😛

First Anime Web Site Made

Hilariously enough I only started my blog at the end of 2009 and it is the only anime thing I have ever done online that wasn't part of something already there.

First Anime Blog Visited

Digitalboy's many blogs I have followed since he appeared before me in 2007. He's one of the only people's opinions on anime that I really give a damn about.

First Anime Site Visited

When I was a kid my mom was dead set against having internet in the house (I don't know...) so I didn't really get into the whole internet thing a lot. Quite hilarious that I didn't really start using the internet till 2000 XD Anyway, in 2002 I discovered a little interesting site called Anime-Planet 😛 I didn't join at first cause I didn't understand that you had to join but I lurked around the main site and on the forums for many years. It wasn't till 2005 that I joined and have never looked back. 2005 I would also consider the time where I reintroduced myself to anime after a few years of not watching a lot.

First Anime Dropped

Adventures of Mini-Goddess. I started it with my best friend and thought it sucked a lot. Tried picking it up again later on my own and it still sucked. Tried watching it a few years ago with my boyfriend because we watched all of AMG and he wanted to try it out. Dropped yet again. It was meant to never be watched by me I believe.

First Anime Hated

Green Green wins this title. I disliked it SO much that I couldn't get past episode 3 of the series. Which is ok by me because I know a lot of people that think the same way I do about it.

Picture done by nebezial

First Anime Drawing

I only ever drew Sailor Moon pictures because back then I actually loved to draw. My first picture was Luna the cat eating a donut. The second one hilariously is Sailor Mars's Grandpa sticking his tounge out in a YUM kind of way. It seems that strangeness of me still hasn't worn off.

First Cosplay

I dunno if I would count this because I didn't try very hard but last year at Anime Boston I cosplayed (we were on the top floor and it was really hot up there) Yamamoto-sensei and my boyfriend kindly dressed as Tsuchida. They weren't very good but whatever. I really would like to cosplay with a proper costume and all someday but money is a bitch.

Random other fun firsts I remember:

First Long-Running Shonen Series

Of course this would be Dragon Ball. Long before I even knew what a shounen series was. If I went by actually knowing I'd have to say Bleach.

First Mecha Series

Macross Plus. How I love you so.

First Gundam Series

Gundam Wing

First Magical Girl/Shoujo Series

Sailor Moon

Too funny NOT to put this here

First Harem Series

Love Hina. Surprise surprise here lol

First Reverse Harem

Fruits Basket... It was a terrible start into this sub-genre for me.

First Sports Series

Azusa Will Help! I honestly haven't watched a lot of sports anime in general.

First Food Related Series

Yakitate!! Japan. Been hooked on any anime ever since that has anything to do with cooking! Yes that even means the shoujo Yumeiro Pâtissière!

First Series that Messed With My Mind

Lain hands down and then I watched Evangelion now soon after it.


So there you have it! Got anymore questions for me? Leave a comment and ask!

Check out this other post that has a whole list of other people's anime firsts as well. ^__^

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Inspired and Effected by Anime: Growing up with Sailor Moon

Inspired and Effected by Anime is a series that is going to be random stories about how these particular anime series have effected my life and even inspired change to the way I do things. There are no spoilers in this post. But in all honesty does anyone really care about a Sailor Moon spoilers at this point? XD

I remember getting up early every morning just to watch some Sailor Moon with my sister before we wandered off to school. After school of course was Dragon Ball before we even knew about Sailor Moon, among plenty of others added to the watching list as the years rolled by. But Sailor Moon was special.

Oh noes! Late waking up to watch Sailor Moon!

My sister adored the show way before I even got into it. My best friend and I would make fun of her to no end about watching it and we even came up with a hilarious spoof song for the intro. I wish I could remember it today because it would make my sister so mad when we would sing it at her. My friend and I were kinda bullies sometimes but never really bad ones. Especially since we were older than my sister. You know how older siblings are when they have friends around to show off in front of. 😛

Anyway at that point we had only sat through the intro and like most intro's seem to be when changed into English, it was terrible. So how could the show be any good? We wondered, so one day we actually sat down and watched an episode. I couldn't even tell you which episode was my first but I know it was somewhere in the later half of the first series. You know the one with Queen  Beryl and when all the sailor scouts were found. Which ever episode it was, it left a very favourable taste in our mouths and we needed to see more.

Ah the good old days

These days I would never watch a series like that. Basically starting at the end and then going back to see how it all started. It bothered me a little at the time but well, when you are a kid, sometimes order doesn't really matter. Just how entertaining it is. Sailor Moon isn't all that complicated anyway being a magical girl show and all. Girl gets powers, must fight evil, and win the love of the guy she has a crush on. Oh and go to school too cause that's important to having no one find out you have super powers! That is what I assumed anyway even though they looked basically the same when transformed... lol

I remember taping (yeah you know VHS tapes!) almost every episode just so I could re-watch the series any time I wanted too. There would be tonnes of sleepovers that consisted of watching tape after tape of Sailor Moon all weekend, among some other shows for many years after it was finished airing. I started taping the newer episodes as well. This is hilarious to me because one of the sole reasons for the tapes was so I could pause on certain scenes and draw out what I saw. My best friend was WAY better at drawing than I was and could do it all from memory and even make up her own poses, where I of course needed the real thing right there in front of me. My sister too so I didn't feel all that bad. I really liked drawing Sailor Mercury since she is my favourite. If I had a scanner I'd post some of the better ones so everyone could laugh at them but I don't so you'll just have to imagine how "interesting" they turned out. I can't believe I still have those. At least I have SOMETHING from back then that didn't get tossed out.

Pictures above drawn by Tetiel. Very awesome and super cute!

I think out of all the Sailor Moon stuff there is we enjoyed watching Sailor Moon R the most. That's the one with the Black Moon Clan. A lot of my favourite characters along with some of the best scenes in the entire franchise come from this arc as well. Something always draws me to the baddies in anime I suppose. Especially when they are being super awesome in their rolls. Since we enjoyed this season so much we started to mock play with it. This was done between my sister and I. Sometimes my friend would be involved but not often. I remember spending hours making little transformation wands and learning the exact lines and movements for each transformation scenes and using their power scenes. We would spend hours upon hours in our basement playing around, making up new stories and adventures that the scouts and the Black Moon Clan would encounter. Again I wish I still had those wands but parents being parents threw them away.

Let the battle begin!

It was nice when we were at the cottage to play around with this because there was so much more space and we could run around and climb trees. We were so energetic and close back then. Eventually we moved off of Sailor Moon and went at mock play with Mortal Kombat when the movie came out. LOL! After all, martial arts is a little more fun to run around and pretend you are doing than dancing up some magical girl pose. Not to mention playing with bamboo sticks pretending they are swords and staffs! Sometimes I wonder where that part of us went but then I remember, oh yeah, we grew up and moved away from each other. Looking back at times like this makes me happy that I had a sister that was so close in age to me because we could play together and not feel "uncool" about it. At least we still say stupid stuff and laugh at one another when we think back to this Sailor Moon time of our lives.

Talking cats Luna and Artemis

Like a lot of other anime fans out there, I have Sailor Moon to thank for helping me get more into anime. Sailor Moon was a great gateway anime to get me started with baby steps. Much like Dragon Ball was too. Sometimes I wonder why we didn't do the same kind of thing with Dragon Ball, but I suppose it could be that we are of course girls. Even if we were pretty tomboyish girls when we were young, there was still enough girlishness to us that drew us to Sailor Moon for play instead. Thank you Sailor Moon and thank you for helping me bond further with my sister too. We are magical girls at heart always. Good times!

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 52/365 Piccolo

Day 52/365


From the anime Dragon Ball, Piccolo is part of an alien race called the Namekians. He starts off as a bad guy but end up befriending Goku and joining sides with him to fight the Saiyan warriors. He even goes as far as training Goku's son Gohan so he can help with the fight.

Why I like him: He's the big green mean machine yet oh so lovable. He continually fights against anything friend or foe. He has endless unique powers and abilities including regeneration and telepathy.

Why I hate him: He's cocky as hell confident in his abilities to the point that brings misfortune upon himself.

Overall: Piccolo is a unique character that starts off bad then switches sides. Sure a lot of other anime have done this before but Piccolo will always be the ultimate awesome character that did it for me. It was a pleasure running home from school everyday to catch the latest episode of Dragon Ball.

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